Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bye-Bye Tree

It's time to so so long to the Christmas Tree. My 3 year old made it a point to let me know that Iwas taking down the Christmas Spirit (Sorry!). I'm ready to move on. Jim & I are on a resolution to get healthier. Part his idea & part mine. I'm the one who really needs to lose weight and shape up but he has decided that he eats far too much crap and wants to eat better and do some toning. I haven't noticed that he needs toning but it will be fun to do this together. Did I mention that I did my first work-out this morning & all I have to say is....ouch!

I'm right in the middle of putting the living room back together and re-arranging. I'm also in the middle of a scultpting project and am surprised at how much fun the challenge is of sculpting a decent face. I think I'm going to try to do both a young face and an older face. I'm curious to see which is more of the challenge. This project will lead into a new idea too, but that's a secret for later.

I have a few glass roses (& a set of iris) that I need to get up for auction. They have been sitting in water for a week waiting to be cleaned. Was supposed to get them up over the weekend and everything else (life) got in the way.

Went & visited my Mom yesterday. She's doing very well & I'm so happy to see her getting back to "normal". She still isn't back to her art yet but we're working on it. I did beg a small bag of ceramic clay from her for me to "play" around with.

We (as in Mom, Aunt & sisters) are going to start getting together once a month for a book club. Mom picked the first book and the title escapes me at the moment but I'm looking forward to it. I think it's going to start with inspirational books and then we'll see where it goes from there.

Time to get back to finishing up the living room & cleaning some beads.

Happy New Year & Good Luck on any Resolutions!!

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