Friday, January 26, 2007

It's A Wrap

Wire wrapping, that is. I know that there is wire involved in metalsmithing, however this class has the feel of a wire wrapping class. We started very basic with a simple wrapped bracelet, ring & some connectors. I wore a ring that I had wire wrapped a few years ago & the woman sitting next to me commented on how much she liked it. See rings, middle and ring finger....ring from the class, pointer finger. I still like the class though, but.......she didn't seem very enthusiastic or happy about being there but it could have just been an off night for her. Now, I want to drag out all of my wire wrapping things & get back to it but.....I will stick to what I've been doing with glass and clay for now, other than doing my "homework". This class does make me think that I might actually be able to try teaching again in the future. I tried teaching some beading classes a couple of years ago & they weren't too bad but it made me extremely nervous. I think I'm pretty much past that insecurity now though. I am curious to see what we will be making by the time the course is done at the end of February........Oh & I learned to wire wrap from Preston Reuther videos They are pretty spendy now and all on DVD but the tapes I had were very educational.
I'm very pleased with my little pretties that I made yesterday. I'm not ready to show them yet but will when I make some more to put up for auction.
I have more florals up on Justbeads. Check em' out when you have a moment.
Have a nice weekend!

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