Saturday, December 30, 2006

Live It Up!

Two days left to eat junk food, laze on the couch & in general just do all those things you know you're going to swear off of (hopefully) in the coming year.

The last few years have been rather eventfull for me and I expect 2007 to be no different. I'm going to watch my first child graduate from high school & "hopefully" move on to college.

I'm hopeing to make strides in the coming year (instead of baby steps) towards running my own artisticly fueled business.

& I'm watching my hair grow slowly back. That will probably be the most interesting transformation as my scarve collection begins growing.

Jim is telling me that he likes me without hair (I think he's just humoring me). After having spent the last few years coloring my hair it's a little scarry watching all the gray grow out. I do keep a supply of hair color (black mostly) just in cast I can't take it any more.

I've been working in glass quite a bit and finally started to mess with the clay again last night. The ideas are flowing...... My glass is mostly flowing into the shape of flowers. Probably in anticipation of Spring. I'll post some pictures at the bottom....

Enjoy your last binges before the end of the year!

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