Friday, January 12, 2007


We are in the middle of a deep freeze. The roads are clear but we still have snow on the ground and the highs are around 31 with nights hovering in the teens. The windchill puts it even lower......on the bright's sunny:).

I spent the day running around, taking care of things and the kids had a 2 hour late start for school because of the weather. Hopefully (fingers crossed) they won't miss anymore days of school this year due to the weather.

I'm still caining and I also put up some "Heart N' Bloom" sets (lampwork). Two on Ebay & one on Just Beads. The sample set I've shown here is my favorite but I can't sell it because of a small flaw in the flower. I think I'll turn it into a necklace.

I swung by the fabric store and picked up some cool fabric for scarves (photos later). They had some really beautiful fabric on clearance. I like scarves for my head that stand hair does "cover" my head now, as in no scalp shows, but I'm not comfortable going out in public without something covering it, plus it's a little chilly to even walk around the house without something on top.

Time to go run interference on the boys.


Denise said...

Color of those beads is super and so is their shape!

Char said...

Thanks! I'm so glad you like them. More to come soon.