Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sooo, It's Time To Catch Up.....

The week at the beach was a blast. Not long enough though.

We also did a Pirate Party for my sister's 50th.

My sister Kim (birthday girl) is in the middle, with my brother Keith (My biker bro) on the left and Ken (Computer guy) on the right.

And my boys far right (Dakota), yellow shirt (Duncan, the anti pirate) and far left (Connor). That's my nephew Bleu, top left.
And Dakota's one, really cool, had to have, purchase for school (I LOVE IT!!!).

The kids are well into school now with 2-1/2 weeks under their belt and all are doing great!

Things haven't gone quite the way I'd hoped after school got in. My Oxygen Generator ran for 2 hours and then quit, on the first day of school, no less. So the problem I sent it in for hasn't been fixed. Right now I'm waiting on parts for Jimmy to install. They should be here next week, but of course, he will be out of town all week and I'm not apt to touch it, since he's the one who is totally mechanically inclined.

The creative time I thought I would have after the boys got into school has been more or less devoted to house work. This month has been a time of adjustment for everyone. With October just around the corner I'm hoping to (again) get more creative time. We'll see how that goes, but I'm very hopeful!!!

Jimmy is back to work temporarily. This is a good thing, but requires him to be out of town for at least the first week. After we got back from the Ocean things got a little tense, but that got me back into sewing (since it put me on the opposite end of the house, from him). Now it's all good, and I completed a Dog bed, Cat bed and a curtain for the boys room, along with working on a design for a Halloween purse.

On that Note I will be participating in the October Blog Party ......for all of you Domestic Witches out there. This look's like a lot of fun and I can relate to her on a lot of levels. In fact I went out and bought some black felt (totally recycled) today for making a purse that I have in mind for the Season. I don't know if I will be able to keep up with the daily blog but I will do my best!!!

In the meantime.......the week that Jimmy is gone I'm going to try and get as much time in as I can, including the evenings. My sewing area occupies about 1/3 of our bedroom and since it's hard to sleep while he's gone, I'm going to see about using that time productively.

The 1st of October is Thursday, we'll see how I do with a daily blog until then.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!