Sunday, May 27, 2007

He Won!!

He was his game yesterday. What a thrill!!! The only sports I LOVE watching are my kids. I love to play too but I've never been hip on watching regular sports. The final score was 8-6. It was a great game even though he got "SMACKED" in the face with the ball just as the half timer went off. We did Coldstone afterward (picked up pizza too) and rented some movies (and video games). He was really happy about the whole thing but decided that his weekend would be perfect if they came back early from camping........Jim called early this afternoon and asked if I could bring him 1/2 way out, unfortunetly I'm without a car because Brandy had to work this morning. Duncan wasn't happy about the fact that they wouldn't be back until tomorrow, at all (even though it's pouring down rain). Jim and the other kids are having a great time up in the forest & I re-assured Duncan that there would be plenty of other opportunities this Summer. He only has 6 more Saturdays to go & I'm pretty sure that's cemented him playing on a team this Fall. I'M SO PROUD OF HIM!!!

Dak has his Saxaphone & Duncan has his Soccer. I just love it!!!! I have yet to play with glass but have been working on some crochet patterns.......more to come on that.

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!!
Take care!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I've Done It Now

Well we got one van fixed only to have the transmission go out on it 2 days the moment we are borrowing a big gas guzzling Bronco from my Mom & Dad but we need to trouble shoot the other van & just haven't gotten around to it. Jim is taking 3 of the kids on a mini camping excursion this weekend & I'm staying with one for his soccer game and pizza, have I mentioned how much I "love" to camp?. If not......well I do one camping trip a year and that's for Jimmy's family reunion....otherwise I love my bed, bath & shower much too much to leave it.

I've been crocheting these days because that's about all I have time for at the moment, but I'm hoping to be able to play with some new glass this weekend. My latest look is headbands.......just a note.......if you like to have a new look every month.....shave your head. As your hair grows out you will find that you are always looking for something new, that you like. Headbands are my latest tomorrow (or the next day) I may even try to sell a couple on Etsy, we'll see.

Things have been a little hectic with the end of the school year approaching. For the first time since I've lived in the neighborhood (17 years) we have a bunch of kids living on the same block (we don't have blocks out in this rural area but that's the best description). It should be a busy Summer for the kids no matter what.

I hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend.

Take care!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pissing Off The Auto Gods.....

When it rains it pours.......we own two mini vans, they are both older vehicles but so far we have had pretty good luck with them. They are my "girls". My daughter drives one and I drive the other. On Wednesday my daughter called on her way home from school & said that the her van was having problems. It had died & then was sputtering all the way home. When she got here I started it up & something was definetly up. I would run but it was having some issue (we think electrical). Needless to say I tell her to go ahead and take my van to work......10 minutes later she calls, she's hysterical because it stalled out on one of the busier highways around here and she can't get it started. We rush down there and get it pushed off of the road & then Jim runs her to work while I continue to try and get it started. This one is not getting any gas but it has at least 1/4 tank. We try & try but still no luck so we decide to get it towed home (I love emergency roadside service). It looks like the fuel pump has given up the ghost......oooh well......poor Jim is going to spend his weekend working on the vans. Thankfully my parents have loaned us their spare to get us through until we can get at least one running. You know, these two vans must have somekind of connection (have I mentioned that I'm a little nuts?). Less than a month ago they both needed brakes at exactly the same time.

I'm glad the weekend is here. It doesn't look like I'll be teaching a class tomorrow. I called a little bit ago & no one has signed up yet. Believe it or not, I was actually a little relieved. I have already booked another class for next month.....we'll see what happens. In the mean time I have plenty of other stuff to keep me busy. I went and had a couple of propane tanks filled (Jim gets one for the shop), but I definetly need to get a spare. I didn't have time to fire it up today & it's not likely I'll get time this weekend but next week I'm going to be raring to go. I seem to be feeling that hot glass withdrawal. Crochet & clay have been the latest "things".

If you like neckties keep an eye on my Dolphina33 ebay. There will be a few up & they are an excellent deal!!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Busy, Busy.....

The end of the school year is fast approaching & every time I turn around there is something new to add to the calendar. Makes it hard to stay on top of the art thing these days. I did, finally take a couple of pictures to show you what I've been up to. My torch had been seriously neglected for the last few weeks & when I finally did get around to firing it up I found that I was completely out of propane (darn!). I have yet to get around to going out to fill the tank but hopefully by this weekend I'll get it done. Propane tanks are something that I'm not fond of carrying around in the car (especially now that the weather is warming up) so I put it off until that's the only thing I have to get done.

First up on the pictures......I've been playing around with sculpting and one of the things I find most challenging are faces. This is one of my first ones, so please be kind. I'm really working on practice them.

The flower was just for the heck of it.

Next I've been crocheting chokers & jewelry.......we'll see where that leads to in the future. It was just one of the creative compulshions I've been having lately.

And my beaded orca necklace. One of those projects that's taken me "forever" to complete.

Any way, that's all I've got for today.