Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Calm

Today dawns sunny & cold. The calm before the next storm moves in. By next week it's supposed to be sunny & cold after the snow on Monday & Tuesday.

We are heading out & about today. Need to shop for some more fruit & veggies for our new healthy lifestyle and some driving goodies for Jimmy on his long commutes home. He loves his sugar but is looking for something yummy & healthy to replace his chocolate & jelly beans. Costco carries this brand of dried apple that is just "to die for". I personally don't like dried apples but these are like a dried carmel apple and the texture is nice, not rubbery like regular dried apples, anyway Jimmy likes them so we will be picking up some of those along with some Yogo's. I need to stick to the fresh fruit & veggies to continue on my downward weight spiral. The dried stuff is good but packs a punch in the calorie dept, so I will be stearing clear except for the occasional quick snack.

I was able to play with clay yesterday and watched this really cool demo on a webcam for making donuts. Something I've always wanted to learn to do. This woman is great and makes wonderful polymer clay canes that she sells on ebay. She's doing a demo every Friday this month so take a peek at her website..... and have some fun claying around..:-).

Jim is cleaning the truck before we head out so I need to finish this quick....The clouds are already moving in & it will probably be raining by the time we get home. I hope this Saturday finds you all well and relaxing.

Take care!

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