Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I can't seem to stop making flowers. I think it's that really strong urge for Spring to get here after this "fun" winter. I'm getting lots of requests for my Godess vessels so I'm going to need to get my butt in gear & make some of those too. I should have some new auctions up tomorrow or Friday.

The weather was beatiful today!! I actually washed the van & vaccuumed it out too, which is a true miracle if you knew how much I like to wash cars.

Have you ever seen orange & purple cauliflower??

This is part of our dinner tonight. I've had the broccoflower (green cauliflower), but this is the first time I've gotten (or seen) the orange & purple. Pretty cool looking, huh? The local Top Foods is one of the only markets around here that carries the "different" fruits & veggies.

I'm back at purging the house again. I actually cleaned up my desk last night. I love having a clean office area. Of course the space behind me still needs to be delved into. I promised Jim that I'd work on making some office space in here for him too.

I have lots of stuff that I need to auction on my "other" ebay, but I tell ya, it's just not as fun as doing my art work. I'll let you know when those things go up too.....leather coats, weekenders, pokemon stuff........just a small idea of what I've got and really doesn't even scratch the surface.

Time to go fold clothes........

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