Thursday, January 04, 2007

Don't Be Afraid

I'm learning that fear can be a major factor in holding us back in our lives. I think the main fear is the one of rejection. On some level most of us are looking to "fit in", in one way or another around our lives. I've found that for the most part I don't feel like I fit into most of the "groups" on the internet & now I'm realizing that I just don't care. I usually watch/lurk from the sidelines and on occasion make a remark here & there. I do I have tendency to stick my foot in my mouth but for the most part I'm happy with who I am........Part of what brought this little speal on is that it's time for me to quite sitting back in fear and "JUST DO IT". Rejection is a part of life and as much as I don't particularly care for the end all that matters is whether or not I thought I did my best & if not, learn from it and move on. This is my year of change!!!

I'll get off my soapbox now......I've finally gotten some auctions listed on Just Beads....whoooo hooooo!!!! Etsy will most likely be next with a website even sooner. I will still be listing on ebay for the occasional bead/art things. And my "house cleaning" ebay isn't going anywhere. I do like what I've seen with Just Beads and think it will be fun to try something new. I'll try to get the link up today.

I have a sick kid home today & Jim was home this morning because we are have a problem with the truck. The window is sticking and it turns out that it's not covered under warranty....crap.....he's going to fix it himself but he's still not very happy about it & I don't blame him. The mechanical/engine is still covered but not things like the window. He is a wonderful mechanic (Thank you Al) but working on cars is one of his least favorite things to do. He headed into work late and the window will stay up for now to keep the rain out of the truck but he'll need to finish it this weekend.

Gotta run for now! I hope you're all staying warm this winter.........can you believe it's the 4th of January already???!!!!!

Take care!

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