Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Cleaning.......

I started with the bedroom closet. This was a sizable undertaking. I finished, almost, except for the top shelf, which requires that I stand on a chair the whole time. Since we can actually walk into the closet now, I think I made pretty good progress. That lead me to cleaning up my sewing area (still not done) and then to behind the bedroom door, (for all practical purposes, DONE) and now I'm in the office (way far from being done). My office is the mess that I've dreaded the most, why??? Because of paperwork and filing, a couple of my least favorite things in the world to do. I've started and that's a good thing because now I have to work on it until it's done, yeah (said without enthusiasm). At least I'm posting (big grin)..........just a little procrastination.

A sample of what's in my desk drawer.

Back in a day or two when I've dug myself out of this mess.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paper Work & Cleaning

I have paperwork that needs to be done! It's one of those things that eats at the back of my mind and ruins everything until it's complete.

Cleaning & sorting, work in somewhat the same way but without the urgency.

These are 2 things that I need to get done in order to move on with my other things. Well, mainly the paperwork(because there's a deadline). The cleaning is an ongoing project and never seems to get completely done, but since there are certain things I'm not able to do because the mess got in the way........say sewing. I can barely get to my sewing machine because it's surrounded by "stuff" that needs to be sorted through.

In the meantime I'm going to post some photos for thought or whatever.......

Buddies......I know, I post more photos of my pets than my kids but that's because I have a bit of a phobia about posting photos of my kids on the internet.......cute, aren't they!

A portion of a free pattern from Lionbrand. I'll show the rest when I'm done. Should be sometime next week, after the darn paperwork!

A tiny portion of the mess on my desk. I'm too embarrassed to show you the rest :O

Doesn't everyone use breath mints while talking on their cell?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too Busy........

Lately it's always something that gets in the way of creating.......but I'm finding ways to work around it. Tiny ways, like crocheting or wire working when I'm waiting for the computer or talking to someone.

There are a couple of creative competitions fast approaching so I want to get entries completed for both. One is Bead & Buttons, Bead Dreams Competition. Deadline is April 6th. And the second is for Jewelry Lessons, Valentine's Challenge. Deadline February 1st. My idea for Bead Dreams is off from what I usually do, but the Valentines Challenge will be a ring of some sort.

I know I've been promising pictures but I've had kid things going on for the last few days. Lot's of Birthdays stuff, making cupcakes, going to the school, dentist appointments and some general shopping, while I have the truck to use. Tomorrow will be a bit more calm since I will be without a vehicle and all the "outside" the home stuff will be done (for now).

Gotta run! Back in a bit.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Month Of Birthdays

January is that month for us. Two of my boys have birthdays, my Mom, my Dad, a brother, Me and probably a couple I've forgotten (sorry). We are heading out to dinner tonight with my Mom and Dad to cover most of the kids. Chinese, Yummy!!!

The boys were out of school on Friday due to flooding of the roads around us. The rain let up a little yesterday but between the snow melting and the rain, this is the worst that we've seen in quite a few years. The boys now have 4 days of school to make up. I wonder how many more there will be this year.

I finished my route on Wednesday. It has been a little strange and my body is still adjusting to not working in the middle of the night. I'm trying to stay up a little later but want to keep a bit of the going to bed earlier schedule, because I like getting up early in the morning for my quiet (work) time.

I finished another cowl in a dark blue. It had adjustable button closures. I'll get a picture tomorrow but don't know how well it will show up with the dark blue. Dark colors are seldom
good for photo detail.

Speaking of dark colors, I'm back to black for my hair. I had quite the "stripe" running down the middle. Biggest that I've had in awhile. Looked kind of cool with a headband, but not so much when it was down. My hair has gotten really long and tends to look messy when it's not restrained in some way......I think it's time for a trim.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Amazing Dog

Sorry the picture's a little on the dark side but the dog isn't eating the cat. There is no growling or snarling involved either. We were amazed at how tolerant she was although she did eat a little faster when the kitten started trying to horn in on her meal. And they do play together too!

Did you have a Happy New Year? Ours was very quiet. Jimmy went to bed early cause he had to work and I stayed up (slept in a chair) in the living room while the boys challenged themselves to stay awake until midnight. The oldest and youngest made it. Then I woke up as the fireworks were going off and headed out for my route at about 1am.

I've given my notice and have been training, what is referred to as a "prospect" for the last 3 nights. She's a nice girl but was looking a bit harried last night. I told her she would need to drive it tonight and I would ride shotgun. Well she called earlier this evening and said that I should dress warm because her heater is broken in her car. Bummer! I don't think it's going to work out, unless she can get her heater fixed SOON. I'm going to talk to her tonight about it, but I do not relish doing the route in an unheated car in 30 degree weather and I don't think she would last much longer than a week or two in this weather, if that.

I haven't had a chance to lampwork in the last couple of weeks. Two of the boys headed back to school today but kindergarten was canceled because school started two hours late due to being hit with another 3-4" of snow last night and then rain that turned into a slippery mess this morning.

The crochet is going well and I'm working on several patterns. I've been testing the headband by wearing it on the route. I'm really pleased with how it's holding up but want it to have a little more stretch (and return) and am thinking about incorporating sock elastic into the design. I'm also working on another cowl that has an adjustment option on it. I'm working hard to have something to show by the end of the week.

Have a nice evening & keep checking back.....