Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Excuses

There are none for not posting regularly again. I've decided to just take it as it comes. I'm in the process of getting ready to upgrade my computer and this requires a bit of work and dedication.......there are a few things I HAVE to do:

1. Finish cleaning my desk (takes motivation and half a day, this includes organizing).
2. Back up my current computer, (am figuring out how to use my current IP for that).
3. Set up new computer to meet my needs (means that I need to reformat the hard drive & load all required programs that I need back onto computer) this is not a newly purchased computer.

That being said, it's not really a big deal other than getting motivated to get it ALL done!

Do I sound lazy? Maybe........There are a few other things lurking in the background one of which, as you know is pictures. A big SORRY! there for not finishing with my desk sooner. That's part of the deal with doing IT. Once I have my desk the way I want it, I'll be able to set up and take photo's of the "stuff" I'm working on right there at my desk. As you can tell by the lack of pictures is that I have "yet" to do that. You would think that it would be even more motivation but right now I just get overwhelmed thinking about it........

Anyway it's Sunday night and tomorrow is a new day sooooooo............

Hopefully more tomorrow???

Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter Is Still Here

Did the groundhog say there would be 6 more weeks of Winter? I'm pretty sure that's what were in for here. It's freezing and snowy but thankfully not to much is sticking.

We are heading to the school for a Winter concert tonight. They usually last about an hour.

More of an update tomorrow....

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Just A Day......

Spent playing with music (mp3 and m4a) and learning that having lots of music is cooler than I thought (i.e. If I like the music, and the variety I like is large) Rock, jazz, oldies and more...... sorry kind of off the path but Jimmy brought home some music and after fighting it, I'm finding that enjoy having it, just as much as him. Some of the music I like/love is Seal, Sade, Bread, Scorpions, Creedence, Matchbox 20, Beck, Train and I can't go on because the list is way too long! They barely scratch the surface. This (for me) is an excellent creation music mix.

Anyway the rest of the day was spent dropping boys off at B-Day Parties and then going to Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree.

More tomorrow.....

Friday, February 06, 2009

Keeping Up.....

During the last few weeks that I have been absent, I have started to write posts several times. "Started" being the key word then I would get side tracked and would completely forget until I had closed everything for the night. Now I just want to let you know that I haven't forgotten about my blog. I intend to start posting again regularly and have been working hard to wean myself off of the internet except to post things and blog. It is funny though how a few emails can suck you right back into it and, again another hour has slipped away.....arrrgh!!

I had a Birthday pass. I'm now 44 (eeek!) not a bad thing. Let's see if I can remember how old I am for the rest of the year. You know that for woman, they (whoever they are) are saying that the 40's and 50's are the new 20's and 30's. Hmmm, I'll have to think some more on that one!

I've finished a few projects, I know you've heard it before.....but......I..........promise to post photos.....SOON!!!

I NEED to start listing again and have found some vintage clothes that will probably go into "YourCreativeSide" Etsy. The only bummer is I don't have anyone to model them since my boys don't really enjoy putting on woman's clothing but I'll do the best I can to show them in a good light.

I've been crocheting flowers like crazy and actually found a bag of a bunch that I made a couple of years ago. Forgot all about them but they will work wonderfully for jewelry and embellishments. It also made me realize just how much I love colors! Bright mixes of it! I have a few bags of embroidery thread and pearl cotton and it makes me feel good just to look at the mix of colors.

I'm still working on clearing things out and make a little more progress everyday! Yeah! I still have some left over filing to do in order to free up my jewelry area plus I've needed to move my photographing station. It takes a bit of space because I use a lampshade to help with the lighting. It works wonderfully but I ended up having to find a new shade because Jimmy couldn't stand the smell of the one I was using. Something about the plastic. The new space has to accommodate both the shade and the light that goes over it and I want it to be on my desk for easy access when I'm working online. The mess on my desk is "mostly" gone but there are still a few things "hanging" around that need to be put, thrown or just recycled away. I think I'll start on that now.

More later!