Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Slow Start To October....

That's what we got. We are now on the downside of the flu in this house. YEAH!!! Both boys went back to school today and things are settling back into an Octoberish feel. Our October fest activity for the day was watching Halloween Town (III). This was after a crap load of homework got caught up. We will get down to some crafting tomorrow after the homework gets done. I'm thinking glue ghosts. Perfect for after school!

For me settling back into a routine meant finishing up some filing (a least favorite activity), photographing (jewelry) and playing catch-up with laundry and dishes. Sound fun?? I don't think so. I'm hoping to get back to some creative things by the end of the week. Tomorrow will be for listing and probably more photographs.....oh, and laundry too.

Water & Wine

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Things Should Be....

Returning to a somewhat normal state within the next couple of days. The illness that blew through our house, threw everyone for a loop! I'm still looking for the week I lost...oh yeah, it's underneath, cold syrup, cough drops and flu medicine.

On the October side of things we brought out the Halloween box. Yeah! Tomorrow we will begin some crafting and decorating. The only October Party thing we were up to all weekend, was on television, as in Harry Potter, Martha Stewart (Bad Things, Good Things) and any shows on Haunting.

We also helped my daughter move out today. That made me very sad but it was something that had to be done. She will be sharing an apartment down in Seattle with a room-mate. I hope all goes well, it will be her first time on her own. I just have to remember that she is only a phone call away!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Welcome To The October Blog Party!!!

Honestly, we are off to a shaky start since more than half the people in our house are sick. What's up with that? I "never" get sick! I guess saying never doesn't work anymore...Ok, so I seldom get sick and the same goes for my kids too. Whatever this is, I just figure it must be akin to a new energy starting to flow that we weren't expecting. Yeah, that's it!

No matter, I'm getting this off to a Halloweeny start! Since no one was really up to doing much of anything we found a couple of old "Tales From the Darkside" to watch and since I DVR "Ghost Hunters" that was a must! On a crafty note one of my favorites for Halloween fun is Martha Stewart. Here's a link to her craft a day, at She has some great Halloween crafts which I will be posting pictures of when we make them. Connor is psyched!

Also head over to for links to lots of other blogs taking part in this scary event.

On another note October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To celebrate I am donating 3 Artisan jewelry items, being Auctioned at 100% of all proceeds will donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Click on the link above to be taken directly to my auctions. Please note that these auctions will be running through the month of October, ending on the 31st. I'd also like to mention that my friend Lynda of GoldandGlass Beads is also auctioning 3 lampwork items for the cause, check out her auctions by clicking on the link above.