Friday, July 25, 2008

All I Want To Do Is....

Another Flower Pendant
More Aromatherapy Earrings
Heart O' Flame

Create, creat, create.....It took the whole week to work around to getting back to lampworking. While I would love to continue tomorrow, I have a long standing date with my girlfriend (who's 1-1/2 hrs away) from 3rd grade to get together. This has been a long time in coming and I'm really looking forward to it but sometimes it seems like I should be creating instead, especially after taking such a long hiatus after camping.

Besides lampworking I cleared my old cutting table for Jimmy's shirt. Sewing awakens some old, not so good, feelings in me. That could be the reason that I haven't done it in so long. The last time I sewed was shortly after my divorce (and during). I'm glad I'm divorced, but it just seems to stir up some old sh*t. Once I'm done with the shirt it will all be past me, yeah!!! And I should be able to sew with a clear head again. The fact that this shirt is for my current and past 9 year soul partner will make a huge difference, plus that I'm making it for my brother's wedding will be even better!!!

The clay is calling again! Leaves & petals more then ever. I just need to start making some and incorporating them wherever I can. I haven't touched polymer in months and have been really yearning for it. I still have some silver clay hiding somewear and have some cool ring designs collecting cobwebs in my head.........too many ideas......too little time!!!!

Summer is quickly approaching the end...I know....It's only half over but if you blink the rest will be gone, like that!!!

Enjoy your weekend! The last one for July!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back In The Swing

New Aromatherapy Earrings
Another Pendant
A Pretty Ring

Of things, is slowly but surely coming. It took a day to get most of the camping gear put away, but we still need to set up the tents and air and sweep them out. The weather has cooled off a bit and it felt down right chilly yesterday in the cloudy 70's.

Tomorrow I plan to get back to the torch. Today I need to work on business cards and at the very least get the pattern cut for Jimmy's shirt. I do NOT want to wait until the last minute and have to rush to finish it. That used to be par for the course for me, procrastination was my best friend, but as friends go, this was not a healthy relationship so I'm working on ditching this one.

I spent sometime this morning experimenting with copper wire and solder but things didn't go quite the way I'd hoped. Back to the drawing board.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm learning to love.......

My Buddy
New Friends
The Pinata
Packing for home

Camping! We had a blast at the camp-out family reunion. A HUGE Thanks to my in-laws who
loaned us a tent we could stand up in, and a wonderful (queen size) fold out bed and mattress. It made things much more comfortable. We are going to look into investing into one of those solar showers for next year. In fact we are already looking forward to next years reunion. The last night, there are raffle drawings and pinatas for the kids. The site is next to a river for easy cooling off. The kids always make new friends or renew old ones. Best of all, everyone is great to be around!

That was our last big outing before the end of Summer. There might be some small weekend camping trips for Jimmy and the boys but that should do it for anything major.

Soooo, it's back to work. Today won't be much of a creative day since I've been working on unpacking and putting things away but tomorrow will be more back to normal.

It's hard to believe that Summer is half over. This really had been a very nice one even the weather finally got back to a more Summerish feel.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Up coming things......

A camping trip and a biker wedding. These are things I'm looking forward to. The camping trip starts tomorrow so it will be a few days before I post again and the biker wedding (my brother's) is going to be at the beginning of August. I'm making a shirt for Jimmy, by special request, to wear to this event. I'll photograph the fabric when I get back from the woods. I haven't sewn anything in ages so this will be fun and I'm sure it will inspire me to sew more.

I didn't get much lampworking in this week because of the preparation for camping but, boy, am I looking forward to getting back and picking up where I left off.

You can see a couple of my carved jewelry pieces on Etsy. There will be more to come!

I've given up on trying to narrow myself down to any one thing or any 5 things for that matter. Instead of getting stressed over all of my interests, I've decided to just enjoy each for what it is (a wonderful creative outlet) and continue to bounce from project to project. The most important thing is that I'm finishing things!

I'm off to bed. We are getting an early start tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Lovin The Flowers

Lately that seems to be my thing in the glass world. I need to make some frogs too now and then but just haven't been in the mood for the little guys.

I finished a couple of carved necklaces and have been making aromatherapy earrings. I haven't seen anything like them and think they are too cool!! I'm really enjoying the flower (glass) pendants I've been creating too!

Summer is a bit of a slow time for sales since the weather's nice and I think people are on vacation or staying out of the house and away from their computers as much as possible. I really can't blame them.

With the weather warmer my mind turns to flames and I came up with the "Hearts a flame" aromatherapy vessels. My latest items will be spread out between Ebay, Etsy & Just Beads over the next few days. Check back often.

On another note I have to mention a movie we rented. I was totally sceptical because I'm not a fan of Adam Carolla's (radio) but I have to say that I really enjoyed his movie called "The Hammer". I would recommend it to anyone, it's one of those feel good kind of movies and hilarious. It's not a family movie but how it earned an R rating, other than a couple of swear words, I haven't a clue. So Jimmy wins the bet. He thought I would like it and he was right. He's a big fan of his radio show and likes the fact that he used to be a carpenter, which is reflected in this movie. Just my 2 cents for what ever that's worth.

Enjoy your evening!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thunder Storms & Fire Works

In the couple of weeks since I've posted we've seen thunderstorms and fireworks. My guy spends some of his time working out of town so we got a heads up to the thunderstorms. The kids loved them but also thought they were a little scary (the ones they didn't sleep through) . The 4th was spent at my Aunt's and Uncle's with a a lovely get together, with a bit of my family and Jim's too. A great time was had by all, even with the stress at the beach with fire works going every which way. No one way injured, thankfullyl. I even got to brush up on my cribbage skills (it's been awhile). We will be taking that game with us (camping), so that I can teach my boys (the math wizzes) how to play.

I will try to get some pics up of my current work or who knows what, tomorrow.....

Have a lovely evening~

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Adjusting To Summer....

Does anyone really think it takes any time to adjust to Summer? I don't really think that way and I ALWAYS look forward to it.

This Summer is a little different than ones of the past in that, I'm trying to build my art base with lampworking and a few other things. Lampwork seems to be my "bread & butter", at the moment. I'm trying to work regularly at it ( least during the week). I'm also trying to keep some "fresh" listings in the mix. I need to add to my glass stock but haven't quite gotten around to sitting down to get an order together.

Morning is usually reserved for lampwork time since it's cool enough to be somewhat comfortable to sit in front of the torch. Afternoons are for the house (work) and then either wirework, polymer or whatever happens to strike my fancy, along with listing things. Sometimes (ok, a lot) I have a hard time trying to decide what to do and waste a lot of time "thinking". I've decided to put an end to this monumental time waster and just pick something up and start working on it. I did that last night and found that it helps a lot and then I feel like I'm getting something done.

The kids seem to be enjoying Summer (don't they all) and I took the 2 youngest boys in to the Dr.'s yesterday for their boosters (and check-ups) before school starts again in the fall. It's closer than you think.
Hope you're all enjoying your day!