Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Second One Complete.....On To The Third.....

 So I started the Cat & Mat from a vintage Creative Circle kit. Remember them? If you were a needle crafter of the 80's?, I'm sure you must have attended at least one home party. Anyway I ran across a bunch of these Creative Circle kits at the thrift store, and couldn't resist this pretty kitty!
 However as you can see, I couldn't stick to the color scheme and instead came up with my own version, which is a little brighter. I have an idea for using the finished piece, but not for a picture, and while I loved doing it, there was a bit too much satin stitch. I tend to get bored easily, so in the end, It took a little longer than anticipated to finish, but finish, I did, yeah!
Now, looking for something a little different, I'm trying some Brazilian Embroidery. Brazilian Embroidery is a dimensional embroidery, and while it looks a bit challenging, so far it's proving to be pretty easy with some spectacular results!

I also forgot that I keep a small project in the car for when I have time between runs. That project, at the moment, is a small crewel embroidery bird. When I remember I'll try to get a photo of it too.

That's it for now.
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On To Embroidery

Again, time has gotten the best of me.

The weeks are flying by, but I've managed to complete at least one project and hope that more will be following.

For a brief time I was on the knitting path and completed a couple of projects......but then, as usually happens, my brain went into "numb" mode and the one pair of socks I started...well.....they didn't quite make it to completion, although I started to turn the heel, least, I have a stitch counter marking the row where I left off so I can continue on my way, when I hit "knitting" mode again (I hope).

The embroidery began to form in the back of my mind, when I realized how many embroidery items I had done from, oh...say about 20 years ago, or so. My Mom has some, my Aunt has some and I have have a few things, hanging around. While my Mom was packing up (they retired South), she ran across a few things that I don't even remember making.

This lead me to a very vintage kit, that I found at the thrift store, and instead of auctioning it, well, I decided to make it, instead. The fact that the base fabric was burlap fascinated me, and the kit was referred to as "fringe craft" just added to the allure. The kit was produced when I was just a wee one, so it's amazing that it survived un-opened after all of these years.

This shows what the completed item is supposed to look like....

Everything that was included in the kit, and burlap on stretcher bars ready for working.


The progression of the project which involved mostly chain stitch, some lazy daisy and a touch of straight stitch. For the fringe on the birds you wrap yarn around a specific size cardboard strip, and cut so that they are all the same length. Then you use a steel crochet hook to add them to the design. It was a lot of fun, but "fringing" took a bit of time, and got a little monotonous after awhile, however I forced myself to finish and was very pleased with the results.

Now I just need to turn it into a pillow!

What do you think?

Oh, and I've already started my next embroidery projects! Yeah!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Been Gone Too Long.....

You know what I did? I went and got a job, it wasn't on purpose, but for now we could really use the income and the hours suit me. However, Mondays are not what they used to be, back when I looked forward to everyone leaving the house. Anyway, it is what it is and I refer to it as being somewhat of a "cush" job. Remember back when I was helping out delivering auto parts? Well they offered me a position. I told them that I couldn't be there early because I have kids to drive (zero hour class) and a young one who still needs someone to get them off to school, thinking this would pretty much disqualify me for working. Well, low and behold, they came up with a route for me that starts late enough and ends fairly close to home. The pay isn't too bad, and with Christmas just around the corner, it has been a blessing.

For some odd reason this has led me to knitting. Don't ask me why, but one of my girlfriends thought that maybe it was because I now needed something to stimulate me mentally, and it's portable. Now you know I crochet too, but for some reason knitting is taking the forefront, at the moment. Last night I finished a Slouchy Hat for my 16yo and will next be working on fingerless gloves and a particular round washcloth that I thought was cool looking. Oh and on the crochet front, it hasn't gone completely by the wayside as my 8yo is now learning how to do it. We started him chaining last night, and he is extremely pleased with himself, which pleases me!

Now it's time to head to work! Have a Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP's and Future Ideas.....

I didn't expect to be posting this late in the week, but at least I'm finally doing it.

Last weekend was filled with fishing, crochet and a bit of tatting. The fishing part wasn't too bad, my 13 yo brought home a nice looking Humpy, which made a wonderful dinner!

Next, I've been working on a vintage doily pattern from Elizabeth Hiddleson. This was a find at a garage sale. I bought a box of crochet/tatting magazine that had a few loose patterns that someone had pulled from some older magazines. Want to guess what I paid for this box of treasures?...........25 cents. Can you believe it! Anyway the pattern is called "Yellow Rose Doily". However, I did the roses in red. I'm thinking that the finished doily might make a great starting point for the back of a vest....hmmm.

Next, I've also been re-learning to tat. Now this has shown me that I have a long ways to go with becoming proficient at this. I quickly made up a mini bookmark (see above) for practice, and then started on a bigger collar/necklace project (see below) and screwed up right away. It's hard to see, but I actually have too many picots on all but the first ring. Oh well, I will continue with it since I need the practice, and until the thread runs out. I definitely need to pay closer attention to the directions. Have I mentioned that I'm a needle tatter, but am going to learn to do it with shuttles also.  For me, I think it will give me a better understanding of how the threads work, overall, which would be a good thing for me in, maybe, designing my own lace.

So this is how things are going for this week.

Have a Happy Hump Day!

Friday, September 09, 2011


Here are the two projects I was working and I have to tell you that the scarf (above), as easy as it is, well I ended up screwing it up when I got a bit of a tangle in the yarn. Of course, I forgot where I was, and ended up pulling the yarn through for a chain instead of making a ring like I was supposed to....oye! So that, I decided, was the end of that, for now anyway. I was just starting to work my way back down the other side, literally the first turn. Give it a week or so, and I will most likely go back and pull out my mistake, but redoing mistakes on tatting is not as easy as crochet, by pulling it out and starting again. Tatting, at least for me, requires cutting, and gently pulling out and then adding yarn back in.

The second project (yellow flower) was an experiment from Priscilla Tatting, Book 3. There is an edging in Flower Design, using Twisted Tatting, also known as Josephine Tatting. It's a fun design, but I only did one motif just to see what it was like. I really enjoyed "twisting" things for a different change of pace, but I need to note that I didn't use no. 30 crochet cotton, as called for in the directions, but instead used size 10 cotton for a much larger motif. With a little adjusting, I think it would be wonderful to put on a pair of jeans or maybe a hat.

Now that the kids are back in school I'm working on clearing two work areas. One for leather, and the other for clay. That is one of the wonderful things about Tatting and Crochet, you do NOT need any special areas to work in. However, I like to keep things interesting, and add a lot of variety to my work. I do "dominate" a bit of the house, but at least I keep it out of the kids rooms, the laundry room, and the kitchen (for now)  : )

Now to get back to work and maybe squeeze in an episode or two of True Blood before they get home from school.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Monday, September 05, 2011

School Prep & Fishing

So the last couple of weeks got extra busy, and I don't mean craft wise. Between school shopping and fishing there was barely time to breath, but it was a good kind of deprivation : )  We also added one last impromptu camping trip. I'm looking forward to the kids getting back to school so I can breath a bit, lol!

The camping trip was a lot of fun, and if you pay attention to my blog I'm pretty sure you know that I am NOT a fan of camping, however if the right people are there, and I'm not sleeping in a tent, I don't mind so much. My hubby's cousin recommended the spot (and we met them there), it was a great area, not too far from home.

 The boys sleeping arrangements.

 Don't they look like they're having fun? This was down time after setting up : )

Next we spent a ton of time out fishing with my 13 yo. This was one of his catches! A nice 10 lb Salmon. We actually ended up limiting out on that day. Didn't have another day like that though, darn it!
And last, but not least, we spent the day at a BBQ with friends where I was wearing some of my hand made rings. They were a hit, which was really nice. The bottom one with the pink stones in not my design, the tutorial can be found here Opposites Attract Ring. Makes me want to start making rings again....but in the meantime....

On the creative side, I have been tatting. I didn't think about snapping pictures of it though, but if you want an idea of what I've been working on, and it's really just a way for me to practice, go to this site Totus Mel. I've been practicing two of her designs the chain maille and a scarf. If you are just learning to needle tat, this is an excellent site to visit. If you're looking to buy some fantastic needle tatted items this is her Etsy shop.

This should be enough to keep you busy until my next post!

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sorry, A Little Interruption.........

I did a little fill in for a week delivering Auto Parts for a friend, and preparations are beginning for the boys to get back to school. I have a couple of projects going, but the friendship bracelets have gone by the wayside, for the moment. The weather is finally nice too, which doesn't make anyone want to stay inside. We've had a pretty, um, un-sunny Summer, literally not more than a day or two of sun, then the rain returns, for long stretches. Right now we are on a streak of nice weather, and we haven't had any (streaks) since the start of Spring, much less, Summer. At this point we'll take what we can get.

While doing the driving I did a bit of thinking about my next project. Shrink plastic is fun and great for the kids too. I remember doing this with liver lids when I was a kid. The possibilities are endless! Here is a kit that I own that's well worth the investment. It has jewelry projects for all age ranges, click on this link and this one too, for the smaller guys . I have a couple of things in the works, but haven't had a chance to get pictures. This weekend will be a bit busy, so expect more from me next week!

Happy Friday!