Thursday, January 25, 2007

Metal Smithing!!!!

My Glass Godess Muse was absent today. I couldn't make a decent looking godess to save my life......however I did make something a little new & different. I can hardly wait to see them & snap a pic tomorrow. Today was pretty much a practice, play day for the glass.

Finally got around to sorting some ear wires that I won in an auction awhile back. I ended up with 18 matching pair (& 6 odds) & they are all sterling. An excellent deal!

Made some split pea soup in the crock pot for dinner while I'm gone tonight. Everyone likes it and it's souper easy to fix....he, he.

I have no idea what happened to the sun. They said it was supposed to stay nice but now I'm hearing that it's raining down south....oh well.

I'll be heading out here shortly to meet my Mom for our class. The cost was a killer deal so I hope the teacher is good. I'll be leaving a bit early because I love stopping at Barnes & Noble just to have a quick look around whenever I'm in the area. It's kind of like quiet time at the library only better.

Time to take Connor out for a bike ride before the rain arrives.

Take care!

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