Friday, June 29, 2007

Stormy Weather.......

It's a stormy day today. Yesterday felt like a Friday so today has a strange feel to it. I took the kids down to my Mom's to swim & help with some weeding. They did a good job for the hour that they were working and then the swim was pretty quick. It's still a little chilly in the pool yet. I don't do the cold swim thing anymore these days...brrrrrrr! Water temperature certainly didn't seem to be as a big a deal when I was younger.

We started a game of Sponge Bob Monopoly today. It's an on going game, usually lasts 2 to 3 days, since we play in spurts.

Have I mentioned that my daughter made shift supervisor at work? I'm so proud of her!! She still has a lot of school stuff to do but she seems to be up for the work, now. We'll see how she does.

I have some more beads waiting to be cleaned and also have been playing around with slumping glass into cabachons. I'm pretty pleased with the results but don't have any ready to post yet.

The weather people are saying the the 4th of July is supposed to be nice.......that's unusual for around here. It usually rains which can be good and bad when people are lighting explosives. We live in an area where they are still legal but at the rate the laws are changing & the housing developments are going up I don't expect it to last. Jim hates spending money on fireworks. He says you might as well just light the money on fire, but I always pick up a small assortment of "safe & sane" ones for the kids to have fun with.

I have some stuff I need to finish up.

Enjoy your Friday!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Two pretties from my garden.

Having the kids out of school is a little bit of an adjustment. The weather has been a little nuts too. We had quite the thunder, lightning & rain storm last night. This morning was a little cloudy but it seems to be back to sun now.

My daughter was back to work today. She made it to the semi-finals but got knocked out in the end. She was glad to be home & we didn't end up getting back from the airport until about 1:45AM. Boy did that throw my schedule off. She is now saying that she will be going to college in the Fall but I'm going to wait & see on that. I'm hoping she does. She needs to have her own car by the end of Summer too. She's gotten a little too comfy driving my van around.

I listed a few more things on both Ebays. Nothing on JustBeads & no new additions to Etsy yet.

Have you ever been to Trader Joes? It's a really cool grocery store. They carry a variety of things & I can always find something I "need" from there..... I highly recommend there wine (Merlot & Shiraz), Champagne Pear Vinaigrette, Halva (Sesame candy) & any number of their dried fruit. The store in general is just fun to look around & see all the unique items. Go, if you have one near you!
Enjoy your evening!!
Blogger seems to be having issues with publishing, so I'll keep trying!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

She's On Her Way....

A couple of things from my artistic past.....just because.

We will be picking her (Brandy) up from the airport in about 2 hours. She made it to the semi-finals but was knocked out at that point. I'm curious to see how her trip was. I hardly heard a word from her the whole time she was gone. I'll update you tomorrow on what she thought of Wichata.

I have few a glass items waiting to be cleaned. Some crochet chokers very near completion & am working on some rings (digging through my wire to find different gauges).......keep an eye out....I'm not backing off, now that I'm getting things going.......

Enjoy your Saturday evening!

See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I'm waiting to hear how my daughter is word yet.

Tomorrow I'll be heading down to my Mom's for a day out. I think she gets a little crazy not being able to drive anywhere right now. I don't remember if I mentioned it or not but she has been having very slight seizures since her brain surgery and she isn't allowed to drive until she's been at least 6 months without one. I know I would be going nuts if I were stuck home.

The pictures at the top are a few of my latest "Art" auctions. I have been having a lot of fun these days but I'm also very busy with trying to make new things. I should be adding a few more things to my Etsy in the next couple days.

The boys will be out in 2 more days. I'm hoping.......maybe......that I will get a little more time while they are out playing, to lampwork....we'll see. So far the weather is looking pretty good. We have a couple of Summer events planned. I know that by the end of it I will be happy to have them back in school. In the meantime, I think, I'm going to have Jimmy start waking me before he goes so I can get a little more time at the torch before the boys stir.
The last picture is my youngest son (Connor) & his best friend (Lilly). Aren't they just the cutest?!!!! They are adorable together but they do have their tiffs now & then.

Enjoy your evening. Tomorrow is the first day of Summer!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

La, La, La.........

More pics to catch your interest (hopefully).

Just working my way along. Making more things glass, crochet, wire & clay. Check out my Ebay auctions when you have a minute. Nothing on JustBeads at the moment & always an item or 2 on Etsy.

My daughter made it to semi-finals in the national tournament....YEAH!!! I hope she makes it to the finals.

Enjoy your evening!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!

and congratulations to my son for his 6th Grade Graduation!!! I hope all you Dad's are enjoying your day today. We are heading down to mine for a little celebration. Hopefully the sun will be out by then.

I have a few projects in the works (I know you've heard that before). I'll post a couple pictures today :0

I need to make this quick because we have to get going & having kids to get ready always takes a little bit of time.

Enjoy the day & the picture of my son playing the sax!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Another sign that the year is almost over is the school carnival. Today we head out with the boys for this end of the year ritual. They absolutely love it! I pre-buy wrist bands and a lunch ticket and the kids run from game to game, earning tickets for free goodies. The only bad thing is that it's pouring down rain. Most of the games are undercover but still it would have been nice to have a sunny Spring day.

After the carnival, Duncan has another soccer game and then that will pretty much be the highlights of the weekend.

There should be a new link for My Etsy shop. Check it out if you have a chance.

I'm still crocheting like a mad woman. I have accumulated a "few" flowers. Well see what they turn into. The look very pretty in the plastic bag they are being stored in.

I'm hoping to get a little lampwork in tomorrow.....we'll see!

Time to get ready to go.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Win

I'm a little late on posting but they won their game again last weekend. Another great game 14-7 was the final. We are definetely going to sign him up for fall soccer. He loves it!!

On the down side we have a "problem child" in the neighborhood. He shot both of my boys with an air pistol. The "step mother/girlfriend said they took care of it and that the boy got in trouble, however if it happens again it will have to be a police matter. Consider also that this boy was bullying one of the other younger boys in the neighborhood just a week before & we're talking trouble. I did walk out when they got off the bus today and he went right past me without saying a work even though I said hi to him. Granted I have no idea what this kids life is like but it's beginning to look like they are just moving from place to place because this boy has issues...........I realize that I'm not the perfect mother but I'm going to wait it out and see what the transpires over the next few weeks......

On the art front I have glass waiting and ready to go but have yet to melt any. For the moment I'm crocheting & doing a little drawing. The drawing can take me in tons of directions but right now I'm having a hard time staying you think ADD medication might help??? I prefer to stay away from that stuff myself but I am taking magnesium supplements to see if they help (I read about it in a magazine). I have no doubts that I'm a candidate for Adult ADD but I'm working on more natural ways to treat it.

This weekend we have the kids school carnival coming up and next week will be a whirlwind as we start finishing up the school year. Hopefully, ll be posting again before the year ends. My oldest son will be graduating from grade school but unfortunately my daughter will be picking up the last of her credits in online courses over the summer...........she is extremely bright but just didn't get the work done in the end, although she will be attending the DebateNationals Competetion in just over a week. I'm very proud of her overall but she still has a looooonnnngggg way to go on some things.

Enough for the moment.....enjoy you evening!