Thursday, August 31, 2006

Counting Down

Tomorrow they post the class lists for my boys so they get to find out about the teachers they are getting. Next Wednesday will be their first day back. I'm now trying to get back into the swing of going to bed earlier so that I can get up's a no go. At night I LOVE my quiet time after the kids go to bed..sooooo, so they don't usually get to bed until 10 or so, I end up staying up until 11:30 or midnight. If my daughter is working late I always wait up for her too. When the kids are in school my quiet time is usually in the morning, before they get up.

In all this my daughter no longer qualifies with the boys since she is working and will be a senior this year. She's almost reached adult status...arrrrg! It makes me feel old and scarred....wondering if I raised her well enough to be out on her own. I'm very proud of her and she really seems to enjoy her job.

Have I mentioned that I'm going through peri-menopause? Night sweats, hot flashe & the worst thing are the mood swings. They are BAD! It's strange because you know you have no reason to be angry and still are. I'm taking natural remedies for it and they seem to help a lot. Black Cohosh and a natural multi just for this. I'm 41 by the way and actually started having the symptoms before my last child so that would have put me around 37-38 when I started. It tends to run in my family to go through "the change" early. Why did I bring this up. I just figured it was a good idea in case I go on any off the wall rants. I'm very aware of my mood swings and getting unreasonably pissed but it doesn't always help. Enough about that!

I have the links working to my ebays. Just click on the links at the right to go to which ever you prefer. I'm getting a few vessels up on my art ebay, goddess, horses & flowers. Check it out when you have some time. I have a few more listings of glass today and then it's off to other things.

Enjoy your day all!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

1 Week To Go

They kids head back to school in one week and I have to say that I'm a little excited. I adore my children but sometimes enough is enough when it comes to bickering and such. Life will go back to me and my 3 year old for another school year. Boy is time flying and I know he'll be in school soon too but I'm enjoying the moment since he's my last little one. Yesterday was spent shopping for school clothes at the local GoodWill and I can honestly say that I'm always pleased with what I aquire at that store. It's really a nice thrift store and the kids have no complaints whatsoever. I get a ton of nice clothes for a fraction of the store prices and am able to do it again half way through the school year. I do buy underwear, socks and shoes brand new though.

I'm slowly getting some of the glass items I made before I left for the ocean, up for auction and should have a few more up today. I'm trying to insert a link but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm sure I just haven't figured out how to do it right. I'll keep working on that....

Today the weather is showing signs of fall. It's cloudy and overcast and a little on the cool side. Last night it poured down rain. We haven't had a lot of rain this summer so it's kind of nice but I'm NOT looking forward to the cooler weather that's coming. Time to stock up on firewood!

I've got lots to do today so I'm outta here. Have a great day & I'll see ya tomorrow!

Monday, August 28, 2006


It seems like I blinked and the week was gone. I think we all know that feeling when it comes to vacations. The kids had a blast! We were busy everyday. Usually to the pool twice and the beach at least once. The pool was the favorite which wasn't a suprise being it was 85 degrees. We also went beach combing one moring on a minus tide. And canoing which I'm not to awfully fond of. I have this unreasonable fear of water that I can't see the bottom of and a rocking boat does nothing to make me feel better. I'm not a good example for my little guy.

I was able to complete one crochet project. A hat! Fits my little guy perfect. I'll post pictures of it tomorrow.

So now things are back to normal and we're gearing up for the kids going back to school. Tomorrow will be school shopping. I should have some new stuff up on ebay this afternoon. My two ebay ID's are Orchid65390 and Dolphina33. The orchid one is for my art and dolphina is for "stuff". So keep a watch.....

Hope you all are enjoying your week! It's good to be back to "normal".

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Snakes, snails & puppydog tails......

That's what boys are made of, see pictures middle son (the blond). He loves all wildlife. He picks up snails (as you can see), spiders (eeewww!) and snakes (I don't have a problem with those). My oldest son has a frog and my youngest...well he picked up a pet rock.

We are in the midst of a mad packing dash. Tomorrow we head out to the ocean for a week. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm packing clay and yarn plus some reading material. We'll see if I can get around to anything other than reading.....oooohh, that reminds me that I need to bring a sketch pad too. You won't be hearing from me again until, at least next weekend. Most likely next Monday.

This pretty much signifies the end of Summer and the beginning of me getting serious about business. I'm looking forward to the kids getting back to school and getting Connor situated back into a more independant (life without brothers) lifestyle. We are going to be working on reading for him (one of his favorite things).

I will be alotting a work scheduale for myself. Mainly in the morning for lampwork and then various other things that can be worked throughout the day with Connor involved (so to speak). I clay, he does playdough...things like that.

Mainly I just wanted to drop by today and let you know I'll be away for a bit. I'm looking forward to catching you up on all of my latest stuff.

Enjoy your week! I'll see you when I get back ;).

Monday, August 14, 2006

Teen Driver

My daughter's second day on the job and she hits a mailbox (commercial) and leaves. I get a call from a very nice police officer who says if we can get it all squared away (we fixed the mail box) before he gets back from vacation, he'll call it good. However he does want to speak with my daughter about responsibility, which is fine with me. It totally freaked her out when I told her she could have gotten a hit and run ticket. That's the thing about being a "new" driver is that they still have A LOT to learn. I think she is definitely going to be more careful. I was concerned about her driving on her own but now that she has a job she had to pay for her own insurance, which I think it fair. She says some of her friends have to pay their own insurance and some have to pay for everything else instead. Like shampoo, toilet paper, the little essentials that you can't live without and don't realize someone else paid for, until you are out on your own.

I lost 4 beads this weekend to the small hand feel. I had them sitting on the counter in the kitchen in some water. When at some point over the weekend on of the kids thought they sounded really neat clanking together.....Oh well...that will teach me for leaving them within reach of small fingers.

I'm preparing for my trip to the ocean next week. I can hardly wait! I will be bringing some artistic (crafty) stuff with me to do while I'm there. That will be in my free moments between the pool and the beach. I think the boys are really going to enjoy having a week of their Mom all to themselves.

I need to run and make up for the beads lost this weekend. Hope you all are enjoying the waning days of Summer.

Friday, August 11, 2006

She's Better

My sister is back home. It turns out she had viral pneumonia. Originally they thought it was a blood clot then maybe a heart attack. They have nixed both of those but the viral pneumonia can sneak up on you and kill you while you feel ok. She is younger than me so it seriously makes me consider taking better care of myself.

I'm making lots of glass but won't have anything up until after I get back from the ocean. I will be gone a whole week with no access to the internet so that pretty much makes it impossible to put anything up. I want to get everything up and running when I get back. Including a website. I have really been preparing for this so maybe by next year I'll have a laptop to drag along with me.

The pictures at the top are of my crocheted hats. The light blue one is the first one I made and the purple one is my cowgirl hat. I like the purple one the best. I'm going to make another one. You put wire in the very last edge row so that you can shape the brim. I need to use just a single piece next time so I don't have to worry about all of the loose (pokey) ends sticking out.

I'm working on finishing a poncho and making a better spindle so that I can handspin some cool roving into yarn. Along with some claywork and continuing to clear out my house. My main focus at the moment is one of my work areas which is overun by fabric. The blind are coming next week so I need to get another load ready.

My daughter works her second day today and she's loving it. The have her scheduale all over the place so she's getting a good feel for what working is all about, but when she goes back to school they will have her on something more regular. It's going to be interesting to watch her balance school, work and debate this coming year.

I'm off to clear out some fabric. Enjoy your Friday!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My sister is in the hospital with a blood clot in her lungs. Waiting to hear the course of action.....Be back tomorrow.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Today is a kind of blah day. The weekend wasn't too bad. My honey and I went and saw The Descent. Pretty good for a horror flick. It had some definate scare value.

I made a few beads today but mostly just to keep at it. I finished my crocheted cowboy hat last night. I'm really pleased and have to get a photo of it. I'm going to make another.

For some reason I thought I had already downloaded some photos but after looking around I see that I must have dreamed (or imagined) it. Darn.....I'm going to get some photos and I'll be back tomorrow.

Have a good one.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Few A Day

That's what I've been working on. A few beads everyday. I don't know when I'll start listing my glass again but I'm sure having fun creating again. I'm still crocheting. I have another hat in the works and am slowly working on finishing a poncho. I love ponchos! I love hats too but I don't wear those as often as I'd like.

The weather is comfortable. This is the kind of weather I could live with year around. 60-80 range is perfect. I don't mind if it gets a little cooler at night. I was born is Northern California & cannot tell you how much I can't stand the cold winters in Washington. Now I know that a lot of people would call me a weiny since Washington (the Western side) doesn't get all that cold in the Winter but I still don't like being cold. Cold toilet seats are a major thing with me too. I usually drink things room temp or get the picture.

The kids haven't even started thinking about going back to school but it will be here to soon as far as they're concerned. I'm taking the boys to our family owned time share in about 2 weeks. It's at the ocean and I LOVE it! It will just be the little guys and me. Everyone else has to work. I will be bringing polymer with me since I can't stand the thought of not having some sort of creative outlet while I'm away. It's always a lot of fun but very busy. The kids go back and forth between the beach and the pool and I get lots and lots of exercise.

I'll work on getting some photos of various things up tomorrow. I forgot about it today...sorry.

Enjoy your evening :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back at it!

Just a quick check in. I'm on the run these days with getting things ready for school and my daughter going to work. I'm back at the glass, yeah! But, boy does it seem like forever since I've torched. Feels good to be back in the saddle (chair). I'll try to get a longer post in tomorrow.

Hope everyone is well! Enjoy your evening!