Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I think my 4 year old is going to explode from happiness over the fact that today is Halloween. It's been a busy week already with school conferences, listing items & making more jewelry & beads. I don't expect things to slow down anytime soon. I can't believe that it will be November tomorrow and the first quarter of the school year is coming to a close. It has really been a good year for the boys & Connor can hardly wait to start school next Fall. By then I will be working full time as an artist, whoooo hooooo!!!!!

I know I promised pictures of jewelry and stuff but my camera keeps filling up with the other things I'm clearing out of the house. Please keep watching though. I should have some pic's up before the weekend (of my trick or treaters too).

I'm just loving what I'm doing & my new lampwork area is wonderful. It still needs a couple of tweaks but otherwise it's more efficient that what I was working at before.

The weather has definetly turned cold & frosty, but I'm trying to not yearn for Spring already......sorry the cold is my least favorite thing about this time of the year. I'm still loving the book "Ask & It Is Given", by Jerry & Esther Hicks. We had a wonderful time at the book club and have all decided to move on to other types of books now that we found the "perfect" self help book of all time (our opinion, of course & how can 5 women be wrong??? ; ) ).

Time to move on with my day! Enjoy yours!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

New & Improved

The whole house & household is moving in the improved direction. I can hardly wait to start showing you some of the new things I have been working on!

We did spend the weekend getting my & now Jim's office up and running. My lampwork area should be much more efficient & the only thing holding back Jim is that we haven't been able to get his computer to link to the Internet. That's a total head scratcher for me, not that I'm very knowledgeable in that area, but I did figure out why the new sound card wouldn't install. Hope fully we should have the Internet bug figured out by the end of the week.

I'm reading the best book, so far, from my book club. The title is "Ask & It Is Given". It's about changing the whole direction of your life with how you think. I highly recommend it. More on that later.

Tonight I just wanted to let you know that some things are changing around here and you should be seeing the results of that shortly.

Stay tuned for the new improved version of everything in my life!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Winds Of Change

Windy season has hit here & it's a little early. As the winds are blowing outside the winds of change are blowing inside. Jimmy & I have been in the middle of a reorganization of the house. He has been doing a big remodel for the job he's on and one of the fringe benefits has been to get some of there office furniture that was no longer needed & a couple of computers. This has led to a major overhaul of my office/work area, that has seriously eaten into my creative time. On the good side I will be much more efficient when we have finished, which will hopefully be this weekend.

Dakota's side ache is doing much better but we still don't know what the problem is. I'm beginning to suspect a food sensitivity of some kind. The ultrasound & blood work came back fine so the next step is a gastroentrologist.

Today is my voluteer day at the school. I really look forward to it. It's fun to watch Duncan & Connor is spending time at the neighbors. We are trading days. I take her little girl on Thurdays.

Halloween is quickly sneaking up on us & the kids can hardly wait. I'm a little concered about the weather but hopefully it won't be too wet & rainy.

I do have some listings up on both Ebays. Lots of neck ties if you'r into those at an excellent price. Take a peek if you have the time.

Enjoy your Friday, I should have some pictures of my new office up soon.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Consistency....I'm working on that. It's a hard one for me. I feel many passions in my life and I have a tendency to "jump" from one project to another, Yes, my kids are included (top priority) in that. They are my main projects however on the side I have all of my jewelry "stuff".

Right now/and always my kids are #1. My 12 year old has had a stomach problem, on and off for about a year. It hasn't been consistent but has finally caused enough havoc for him to miss I finally called the Dr. & made an appointment. They did an ultrasound the next day but I find out that it takes a few days for them to get the results back.....Dakota seems to be doing ok. He still has the pain but it isn't to the point of him being totally out of it, so I'll wait to see what the Dr. says with the results for the ultrasound. He seems to be doing better today.

Tomorrow I'm heading down to my Mom's to to do some errands & wait for the results, which should be in by the afternoon. If I haven't heard from them I'll be calling, for sure!!!

Anyway that's the update. I have quite a few things in the works but nothing quite finished (hopefully the end of this week). I'll keep you posted.

I promise that I'm trying to be more consistent.....