Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I've Neglected This Blog....

Sorry for the neglect! However I have been blogging like crazy over on SparkPeople. If you don't know, this is a website devoted to diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle in general. The best thing is that it's free! I'm down almost 8lbs and am working on dropping between 40-50 lbs by July. I've been working out every day and feel so much better already. I can't wait till my body catches up to my mind :-D

Jimmy is still out of work, but has been looking diligently. He's also started taking classes at the unemployment office. They have a ton of helpful offerings to help in the search for work. We just realized he's been out of work for 8 months. The construction industry is starting to show small signs of life around here, but the competition is stiff with so many carpenters out of work. He's starting to look into what other "trades" his skills might apply also.

All in all, 2010 has gotten off to a good start! No complaints! I've been working on some "Tree of Life" projects and will be starting the last series of cake decorating classes next week. I still have pictures to post yet from the other classes, and will miss my once a week "get together" when it's done, but hopefully this will lead to something lucrative. We'll see.......where that path takes me.

So this is my starter post for 2010, sorry it took me till February to post it, but at least I'm back on track and will try to keep both this blog and my SparkPeople blog up to date. Another little challenge for this year!

Have a terrific day!