Sunday, July 29, 2007


The last few days were busy, busy, busy.........Starting on Wednesday (through Thursday) my girlfriend since 3rd grade came out with 3 of her kids. We had a great time talking about kids & life in general. She lives about an hour & a half away so we don't get together very often. Lately years have gone by.....shame on us.......but the kids got along wonderfully & we promised each other to get together more often.

Friday I ran down to my Mom's and took her to run errands. That was an all day excursion & I ended up renewing my Costco card and getting some shopping done too. I always enjoy spending time with my Mom.

Yesterday we ended up going out to look at cars for Brandy.......and she ended up buying one. A 2000 Ford Explorer. Very nice off of a lot. She's a very happy girl today. The payments are manageable & I'm pushing for her to pay it off early.

Between all of this I did get a few more auctions listed & today I'm going to try and get some jewelry made, between picking up toys from the hurricane (kids) that blew through in the last few days while I wasn't around.................

I didn't even get this posted yet and the day is pretty much over.......accck!

Well I hope you all had a relaxing weekend......back to business!!!

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