Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot Baby!!!

It's a hot one, like 7 inches from the midday sun........actually it's nice right now. It's still over 70 in the house but that's very comfortable compared to the 90 degrees it was until about 11:30PM. I actually stayed up until about 1AM waiting for the house to cool down enough to sleep.

I didn't get anything done yesterday since I spent most of my time in the pool with the kids. Today I have to get some grocery shopping done or I'll really be hearing it from the kids & Jimmy. You can guess that it's NOT one of my favorite things to do & I'll put if off until there's nothing but stale bread & catsup in the fridge. Just kidding but from the way everyone complains you'd think that was all there was.

My metalsmithing table turned out wonderful!!! Unfortunately I won't be able to use it until later today or tomorrow......darn!!! So much to do & so little time. I still need to dig out all of my tools & goodies for working.

Gotta run or I'll never get anything done.

Stay cool!

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