Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Acid Etch

It's been awhile since I etched a bead. I just had a customer ask if I would etch one for her.....crap....I'm out, but now that I look at some of my other beads I'm seeing some distinct possibilities. I'll be making the trip to the local craft store for some more this evening.

How is everyone's Summer progressing?? Can you believe we're about half way through! The weather is back to a more acceptable lampwork temperature. The family reunion is this weekend but we arent' going to be making it this year. The kids are bummed but understanding. We are going to (hopefully) be heading to the beach for a couple days at the tail end of Summer. The ocean is one of my favorite places in the whole world. If I ever get the opportunity to live near the ocean I'll take it in a heartbeat.

My last lampwork session produced some orchids. Check them out when you have a chance. Plus I have one new ring up for Auction.

Time to get dinner on....

Enjoy your night!

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