Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm On Fire......

Not really but there were a couple of times sitting at the torch that it felt that way. Between a torch, a kiln & an electric fry pan it tends to get a little toasty. I've really been enjoying the warm rainy (tropical) weather.

At the suggestion of a customer I'm working on a new ring design & I'm going to try to make the Fire Mountain Gems ( Jewelry contest deadline at the end of August. I've got a few designs spinning around my head but haven't quite nailed down which one I want to do yet. I might do them all and then decide (if I have time). I was a finalist in one of their contests a few years ago (see page 71, Necklaces, in the Gallery of Designs, Butterflies & Flowers # 0178) . I've been hanging out at their website the last couple of days trying to decide what to buy for my creations & I forgot that their prices are pretty darn good plus they now give a quantity discount on all items.

I have been hearing the clay calling again too but am putting that on the shelf for the moment. My ideas are leaning along the Christmas Ornament type so I'll probably start play with that again next month.

The kids are really enjoying their Summer even if we are staying home. They have lots to do & plenty of friends in the neighborhood to hang out with.

I added a few more auctions today. Check out the amethyst moon ring. It's really cool and was a lot of fun to make. The size is on the small side (wonderful pinkie ring) but I had a request to see if I could make smaller sizes.

Time to finally kick it for a bit. The kids are getting chimechangas for dinner.

Enjoy your evening : )

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