Monday, July 09, 2007


Did you all have a good 4th? It was nice here. We ended up having 2 of my sisters over and some of their friends. I was even surprised that the bombs stopped going off between 11:30 & midnight. My kids had a blast lighting things & in the end I'm really glad it's done.

I have a couple more rings done, "Turtle Pond" & "Askew". I will get those photographed today & up on ebay this afternoon. I really like the way both turned out.

I'm in the process of setting up a metal working/soldering area & have been chomping at the bit to make a pair of earrings that I saw in Art Jewelry Magazine. Jimmy is making the table & I can hardly wait for it to be done. It will be right next to my lampwork area.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I was going to be teaching a class at one of the local craft store. Well they offered the class for two months (once each month) & we didn't get any takers. I know that it's mainly because of the weather. When it's not raining who wants to be inside?? I took a pass on this month & will probably wait until September to offer it again. In the end I wasn't dissapointed because I always have tons of things to work on & I do enjoy being home with the kids.

We watched 3 movies this weekend. The Bridge To Terabithia (Sad but ok), Pan's Labyrinth ( I didn't like it at all) & Ghost Rider (Excellent, but I love Nicolas Cage).

Today there is a marine layer hovering over, no rain though & tomorrow it's supposed to heat up a bit, closer to 90. Time for me to get my lavender plant in the ground.

Enjoy your day : )

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