Friday, July 20, 2007


I think that for a lot of people out there Friday really isn't that big of a deal. Depending on the time of year it, for the most part it really doesn't make a difference to me. Sometimes my favorite days are Mondays......I know for some that doesn't make any sense but for me it can be a day of peace. I love my children! My worst nightmares are about something happening to them, but when Monday comes around and they head off to school, I sometimes breath a sigh of relief. I still have one little guy left to go & honestly I'll really miss it when he goes (to school) but call it a split personality......I'll also be happy to have some portion of the day to myself. For a few years now I've been a person who is very happy alone but I also realized (on Father's Day) that I've had my children & am in the process of raising them (which I don't mind at all) but that I'm done "giving birth". One of my cousins was at my parents for a party there and I didn't have that pang I usually have around new babies......I'm pretty sure that means I've reached the point of no-return in peri-menopause. I have no worries about having more children (I had that taken care of after Connor). I'm not going to say that I've entered the grandparent stage (AAAACCCCKKK!!!). My daughter shows no signs of even wanting to have children & at 18 seems to be on her way to a career even without a diploma (I didn't say that & I'm still pushing for her to get it!). I'm not going to be one of those parents waiting for grandchildren.....what can I say......I will be one of those grandparents that you need to call ahead of time to book me (I can still be flexible) but I don't tell my kids that I'm waiting for them to "get married" & "provide me with grandchildren". My main concern is just for them to be happy & fulfilled in life.

OK, I'll get off my box now. I'm working on a couple of new designs for rings &, of course, playing with lampworking.....

So back to TGIF....tomorrow is a work day for both Jimmy & I so....... TGIS.....right... ; )

Enjoy your evening...: )

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