Monday, July 23, 2007

And What A Weekend It Was.....

For my Daughter. I have no doubt that she was glad to see this weekend come to an end. She was opening both days which means up at 3:30AM. I heard her leave Saturday only to hear the front door open again. I yell, "is everything ok?", she says no, that she backed the van into the ditch at the end of the driveway.........It was dark and the garbage men left the can in almost the middle of the driveway & she thought she could manuver around them without moving them.......needless to say the van was sitting at a very ackward angle so we gave her the loaner can & proceeded to pull the van out of the ditch, which really didn't take all that long (20min. tops). Sunday morning comes along and I hear her leave again only this time I heard a loud cry. I jump out of bed in a flash and run out to see her getting into the van & she's crying, I ask her if she's ok & she says she fell down the stairs but has to get going. I ask her again if she's ok and she says yes so I let her go. After work I ask her what her injuries were and she shows me this HUGE BLACK & BLUE bruise on her hinny. Poor kid!!! I told her it could have been much worse!! She could have broken a bone or something........anyway she's glad to see this weekend come to an end.

Jimmy & I have started clearing the blackberries on the back 1/2 acre of the property, by hand. It is definetly a 2 person job. We did get them cleared from around the shop which will deter the rodents from nesting in it. We hope to have is done before the end of Summer. I was going to clip a bit this morning but it was pouring rain again......they say it's going to start clearing up today.

So I'll be working at the torch & then working on some rings. I have a couple experimental rings made but I don't have pictures yet.

The boys headed up the road early today so the house is quiet. Time for me to get the show on the road.


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