Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Snow Is Going......

Slowly but surely the snow is disappearing. The route is almost back to normal but a few back roads are still pretty icy and slushy. Even the kids want it gone. I'm wondering if we are going to see another storm or two before the end of Winter, since technically, Winter wasn't here when this one started. The kids already have 3 days to make up for school, of course, at the time they think it's great, until the end of the year when they want to be on Summer vacation.

Oh, and yes the back deck did cave in under the weight of the snow. The house is fine (it's a rambler), although we are discovering a couple of roof leaks. No broken pipes from the cold and thankfully we are back up into the "balmy" 30 and 40 degree range.

I have been designing and crocheting headbands and a bracelet. I'll have a picture of one of the headbands this week along with some lampwork Goddess rings that I made awhile back and just got around to cleaning yesterday. I just started listing Goddess pendants on Etsy along with re-listing some of my rings. I have a new ring design in mind for a very cool adjustable ring that I've done a couple of prototypes and really liked how they came out. More of those to come! My new moto for Etsy is "Goddess's, Rings & Crocheted Things". I will be slowly adding to Etsy and really working on promoting it.

I told you I applied for an online position around Thanksgiving, well I didn't get it, sooooooo I'm going to give it another shot and a little different approach. I noticed that they still haven't filled the position and I still think it would be a perfect fit.

Off to start dinner. Enjoy your evening!

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