Friday, December 12, 2008

Meet Sheba

The newest member of our family. I told you we were going to adopt a dog from the local pound, well that wasn't quite what happened. I belong to an online group called freecycle, I believe they are nationwide. You can post things that you don't want anymore (no garbage) but they must be free. I saw a post last week for a two year old white shepard female, to good home only. The post had been up for about 5-6 hours when I saw it. I love shepards!! Had one when we were kids and have always been partial to them. They really are my favorite breed of dog. Well assuming, and this is what usually happens with freecycle, is that if you don't reply the second you see the item go up, it's usually gone. I'm not kidding! Most of the time I don't even pay attention to what's offered and have been contemplating canceling my membership because the emails can quickly fill your mailbox, especially on the weekends, so this was kind of a fluke that I even noticed. I assumed she was gone already but decided to reply anyway and mentioned that we had recently lost a dog and that I had 3 boys who love dogs and was she good with kids and both indoor and outdoor? I didn't hear anything back for about 3 days..........see! I knew it! She was gone! Then all of a sudden I got an email saying they still had her and yes she had been raised with kids and was both indoor and out. WOW! But I needed to pick her up right away. I replied with, that I wanted to at least bring a couple of the boys out to see her (make sure she really is friendly with kids) and then I would answer.........another 3-4 days goes by and I email again. This time she says come and get her or she's gone! Now I'm leary...........what the heck! Ok?? I call the woman and she says that she has cancer and 4 kids to take care of and that Sheba is just too much work. I tell her I'll come out the next day. I end up bringing both older boys and the woman says she won't be home but her daughter's there and we can get Sheba from her. We show up and the house is dark. I ring the doorbell 3 times and I can hear the dog come to the door (no barking though), I peek through a little side window and there she is! What a pretty girl! No barking or growling, either. I go back to the car and tell the boys we are going to wait because it appears that no one is there. We wait about 10 minutes and I decide to go ring the doorbell again. This time I can hear footsteps and by now it's dark enough that I can see the light of a TV on. I get on my cellphone to call the woman and as her # starts to ring the girl opens the door. Sheba comes out and meets us and I tell the girl we'll take her. She isn't crying (that's a good thing) and she goes and gets a lease and collar for her. She jumps into the car with no hesitation (was it meant to be??).

We are on our second day with her and she is absolutely wonderful!! The kids shower her with attention and she hasn't even growled or looked cross eyed at them. Honestly........I'm trying to figure out why they got rid of her. She's well behaved (they had a Pomeranian also, that belonged to the woman, that they were going to keep), house trained and beautiful, but she's on the skinny side though, seems to be perfectly healthy otherwise. The money that we saved by not going to the shelter will go towards a check-up for her. Interesting, eh? We couldn't be happier and hope that she has many years ahead of her.

I have some lampwork Goddess's done. Not many, because I got the throat/cold thing that was going around. Kind of like a cold but with a raspy throat. It still put me out of it for a couple of days and I'm not completely recovered yet.

I should have some new stuff up on both JustBeads and Etsy within the next couple of days.

Off to get a little more rest and crochet for a bit.

Have a great day!

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