Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stop Snowing Already!

It's slowed down but hasn't quite stopped yet. I can hardly believe the weather! Jimmy helped me on my route last night and we discussed whether it was worth it for me to continue. First I have to work towards something else to fill the $ void that it will leave. For what I'm being paid I don't think that should be too difficult. It's also eating into other areas of my life with the family. This, I (and everyone else) do not like in the least. Lately I'm in a perpetual state of tiredness and the days seem to slip away because I rarely feel like doing what I want to be doing, such as creating and selling.

For now I must continue. It requires 30 days written notice to call it quits.

Tomorrow I will get some more pictures of the snow. The power never went out which is a good thing but it sure blew last night. Yesterday, I ran out to the store and when I tried to come home there was a tree down on one of the roads which made me have to back track and take the long way around.

Time to go finish up some crochet projects and then it will be time to hit the sack for another night of paper delivery in the snow, yeah......

I just heard round 3 is on the way......aaaak!!!!

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