Monday, January 05, 2009

Amazing Dog

Sorry the picture's a little on the dark side but the dog isn't eating the cat. There is no growling or snarling involved either. We were amazed at how tolerant she was although she did eat a little faster when the kitten started trying to horn in on her meal. And they do play together too!

Did you have a Happy New Year? Ours was very quiet. Jimmy went to bed early cause he had to work and I stayed up (slept in a chair) in the living room while the boys challenged themselves to stay awake until midnight. The oldest and youngest made it. Then I woke up as the fireworks were going off and headed out for my route at about 1am.

I've given my notice and have been training, what is referred to as a "prospect" for the last 3 nights. She's a nice girl but was looking a bit harried last night. I told her she would need to drive it tonight and I would ride shotgun. Well she called earlier this evening and said that I should dress warm because her heater is broken in her car. Bummer! I don't think it's going to work out, unless she can get her heater fixed SOON. I'm going to talk to her tonight about it, but I do not relish doing the route in an unheated car in 30 degree weather and I don't think she would last much longer than a week or two in this weather, if that.

I haven't had a chance to lampwork in the last couple of weeks. Two of the boys headed back to school today but kindergarten was canceled because school started two hours late due to being hit with another 3-4" of snow last night and then rain that turned into a slippery mess this morning.

The crochet is going well and I'm working on several patterns. I've been testing the headband by wearing it on the route. I'm really pleased with how it's holding up but want it to have a little more stretch (and return) and am thinking about incorporating sock elastic into the design. I'm also working on another cowl that has an adjustment option on it. I'm working hard to have something to show by the end of the week.

Have a nice evening & keep checking back.....

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