Saturday, December 27, 2008

There Really Is A Santa

Did you have a good Christmas? Ours was nice and surprising. When we got up to do the route and I opened the front door there was a surprise on our deck (see photo), a motorized mini bike for the boys with a helmet and a letter from Santa. We had no idea it was going to be there and a sneaking suspicion of who left it. The boys are thrilled but won't be able to try it out until the snow is gone.
Speaking of snow we had a good 15-18" if not more. Our back deck is up past my knees which puts it around 20". It started melting yesterday and the roads are a bumpy, slippery mess! It took me 4 hours to do a two hour route this morning.

About the route, after a bunch of BS which basically tells us that the the newspaper really could care less about it's carriers (explains the high turnover), the weather, the fact that everything is suffering (the kids, the house and my art) because I'm tired all of the time and that Jim will be working out of town again, it looks like I will be giving notice.

Add to that we have one more new family member. His name is Shadow. Thankfully Sheba and him get along great except when Sheba is trying to steal whatever Shadow happens to be playing with.

Gotta run, it looks like our back deck has collapsed from the weight of the melting snow.......

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