Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Freezing Here!!!

The middle of the night is in the teens and the days are in the 20's......personal opinion......it sucks!!!

Along with the cold we have snow on the ground and more to come. Doing the route, I have now learned to drive in it. All the carriers got threat letters before the snow hit, reminding us that we have a contract to carry out and if we don't deliver during the snow we are in breach. I knew this already and figured that I would just muscle through. Turns out that our little Colorado is a dream in the snow!! I haven't missed a day yet! The forcast is saying we are going to get another 6" tonight, so far there isn't a cloud in the sky, but the big storm is predicted to start between midnight and 4am. Personally I'm ready for 45 and rain. What can I say, I'm a warm weather kind of girl but I just happen to reside in Washington, of course our Winters don't normally get this cold!

I'm putting up a couple of pictures of the Goddess's I've done but nothing is up yet. JustBeads seems to be down. I'm not sure what's up but I haven't been able to access it in a couple of days. I've been playing with some raku and lustre glass but Connor has been home the last couple of days because school has had a late start (due to icy roads) and they canceled all of the half day kindergarten classes, so lampwork isn't really an option. I've been doing some crochet and working on some jewelry but to be honest the house went to Hell over the last couple of weeks and I've been trying to play the catch up and keep up games of laundry, dishes and vacuuming up dog hair. Sheba is working out wonderfully, by the way. She is truly a dream and settling in more and more every day.

Now is the time that I should have loads of things listed and it just didn't quite work out that way. Next year will be the year for that!!! I'm just going to continue to plug along. Everything will work out as it should! I'm concentrating on the simpler things right now with Christmas just around the corner. However with 8 days until the big day my stress level is climbing slightly. I'll get pictures of the big storm if it blows in.

Enjoy your evening......

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