Monday, December 01, 2008

Have You Started Shopping Yet?

I envy the people who do their shopping all year long and are done before Thanksgiving, much less Christmas. One of these years I'm going to do that!

After having a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving at the In-Laws (Thanks Al & Marlene!), we are now heading into the Christmas Season. At our house it's showing already in barely contained excitement at how close Christmas is, though not close enough for their taste. This coming weekend we will see about getting a tree. Jimmy thinks we should make our ornaments this year so we are ALL going to contribute to that project. I'll take pictures of what everyone comes up with. On a crafting note. While we were at the Al & Marlene's we started discussing craft shows. Can someone tell me what happened to all the ones that were on DIY & HGTV??? They used to show all sorts of different ones but on the rare occasion that they do now, it's usually in the middle of the night. What happened to the "Creative Spirit" of both those channels. Now a days they seem to be oriented to home improvement and the like. Can anyone afford to improve their home these days??? Anyway we were just wondering.......

On my creative front I have 3 pairs of fingerless gloves done and one cowl (pictures this week). A few glass creations waiting to be cleaned and a hankering to get lots more of everything done! In between I'm back to organizing again.

My oldest, and only, Darling Daughter turned 20 yesterday. Boy do I feel old! Her, I and my Mom headed out to lunch (a very cool sushi bar) and then a little shopping (Old Navy) for her day. She didn't think that turning 20 was that big of a deal. She said it just means that she's out of her teens, though most people have thought she was in her 20's for the last couple of years. She's a good kid and for her 21st Birthday we are planning on heading to a winery in California. That will be here soon enough!

Enjoy your day!

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