Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Big One.....

We are already covered in snow. In fact it looks a lot like Alaska. The weather people are saying that we are going to be hit with more snow and high winds tonight so we could lose power for a bit. I'm being optimistic and hoping it will blow "gently" over.

My route has certainly been an adventure and I've learned a few things about myself. At this time last year you wouldn't have caught me dead driving around in this kind of weather. Now I know that I "can" drive (slowly) in it. If I had to live in Alaska (not that I want to) I could. Chevy Colorado's handle like a dream in the snow. And I will not be doing this route by this time next year!

I applied for an online position around Thanksgiving. They just informed me that they are considering other candidates at the moment but that my application is in a pool if these others don't work out, darn!

I lost my internet connection for about 3 days this week and not having a connection drives me a little bonkers. As you can see I'm back up and running but may be out of the loop again if the power goes out. Of course, this would be the perfect opportunity to spend some time creating, by lantern or candle light.

Justbeads is still down, bummer! This is the worst time for them to be off line but I'm pulling for em! In the meantime I will be trying to list on Etsy if time allows.

A few pics of Goddess's (the red one is sold) and the snow that's hanging around.

Off to try and finish up some shopping before the "storm" blows in.

Have a great weekend!

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