Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We got it done!

Past Polymer Images

The carpet that is! Spent Saturday re-carpeting the living room and I'm still putting it back together. We may also be doing a bedroom next weekend (or the one after) since my daughter is moving out. She's going to be rooming in a house with several other people and has decided that it's more feasible than living at home since the rent is cheaper. Yes, I charge my daughter rent. It's a long story but has a lot to do with financial responsibility and accountability. I love her dearly but it's time (at the age of almost 20) for her to try it on her own.

I'm back into working with polymer but still have tons of stuff to photograph and post. Yesterday I ended up having to run to the school when my littlest (Connor) threw up on the bus. He was fine, just a little car sick but I had to take him a change of clothes, the poor little guy! He's loving school and the teacher is really appealing to his crafty side (she said he asks everyday if they are doing a craft) by incorporating crafts and learning together. Both he and Duncan (my middle boy) have teachers that are the perfect fit this year.

I'm finding that my 3 hours of "Art" time is usually not so artistic and more catch up time than anything else, though I'm trying to be insistent (with myself) to spend at least 2 of those days lampworking. Oh well, life is moving along as it should no matter what I have planned.

At the top I've posted some of my past polymer projects (1-2 years). If I remember right the mask took 2nd or 3rd in a group contest on Ebay. This gives you a bit of an idea of what my style is. I should have at least 2 ornaments up on Etsy by the end of the week.

Have a great day!

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