Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Mornings Fly.....

New Dragonfly Bangle Bracelet
Butterfly Branch Bead
Fall Pumpkin

by.......Not that the rest of the day doesn't do the same, but the mornings seem to be the quickest. Here is a sample of what my weekday morning is like:

5:30 AM get first boy up, make lunch for him while signing into email.

6:15 first boy leaves for school. I now have about 20-30 minutes to look through and answer or open said email. Emails usually end up with me being on another artistic site. There are several that I like to check daily (gotta stop doing that).

6:45 second boy is up, packing another lunch, visit with him for a bit before he leaves for school (first boy isn't as friendly in the morning).

7:35 second boy leaves for school. Now I continue with email, listing, creating, photographing and whatever else seems to be pertinent at the moment. Sometimes it seems like I spend so much time bouncing from one thing to the next that I haven't really accomplished anything.

My last boy gets up, usually, between 8-9 and then we continue with breakfast, some play time, a quick post maybe, and the like until we leave here at 11:15 to walk up to the bus stop.

Most mornings it seems like I blink, and that's it, the afternoon has arrived and my first boy is home.

Somehow I had bigger visions for my 3 hours of free time in the afternoon, which I usually end up torching with. Sometimes it's wire or polymer clay but the torch is the one thing that needs my full attention, preferably, without distractions. Can you imagine how fast 3 hours goes when you are trying to accomplish something??

Anyway, I really have no complaints about how my days go, I just need to be a little more organized when it comes to my work, and as for the internet. I need to pick one day a week to do my "surfing" on, like say Sunday.

A quick note, I have begun working on ornaments. I should start listing them on Etsy next week sometime. A couple of Halloween theme ones and some florals. Keep your eye out!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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