Friday, September 19, 2008

On The Verge Of Fall

Fall Garden
Shells for Pandora, Troll or Biagi Chains
Bird Nest Ring

The weather has finally taken a turn to the cooler side. It looks like Fall is here. I've begun to work on ornaments along with a new jewelry idea that I'm really excited about. Unfortunately it takes a couple of days to prepare the materials properly before I'm able to work with them.

This weekend we are going to be laying some carpet, Jimmy brought home from work, that's new (used) from a remodel he's doing. It still has that that new carpet smell. Cocoa being sick, was kind of the last straw for our current living room carpet.

I'm still missing Cocoa a lot. Especially when the kids are at school. We'll wait and see what furry family member comes our way in the near future.

Enjoy your Friday!

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