Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Are Healing

It's been a couple of days and we still have that hole. Which will be for quite a while. We made a trip to the local animal shelter today. The boys loved seeing all the dogs and cats. I'm finding that I lean towards the older dogs, a little under or over a year. They are much calmer and seem to have a little more sense than the puppies. I love puppies but feel like I don't have the patience for them like I used to. I found myself drifting towards the dogs who were receptive towards attention (scratches) and orders (sit!), than the little, hyper puppies.

We didn't come home with a new family member today. The kids are wanting a puppy but I have been talking to them about rescuing an older dog. I'm the one who will be spending the most time with it and while I understand and respect what the kids are feeling, I also feel that it is more worthwhile to "rescue" a dog that actually might be put down in the end. Labs seem to be favored. I noticed a couple of older labs/retriever type dogs that had been adopted right away. I REALLY lean towards Shepard mixes. Cocoa, was a mix, and the dog I had before her was a husky mix. There is something about the markings that I can't resist! Be sure that I pay attention to how they behave towards people, children, & others dogs, so....... no worries! I'm thinking it will be about a month (or more) before we get the next dog. Stay tuned!!

More art sometime next week!

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