Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rolling Right Along.......

Cocoa is slowly improving. Very slowly. She's still not eating on her own but I keep at her & she is putting up a fight so I know she's regaining her strength. She's also able to move more easily.

So far the week it going fairly smooth. The kids and I are adjusting to the back to school routine nicely and I actually lampworked two days in a row (Woo Hoo!). It's more of a warm up but it's amazing to be able to sit in front of my torch for 2-3 hours without a single interruption. While I torch I listen to books on my mp3 player. I'm on the 3rd book of a Nora Roberts series (Born In) and have more waiting. I used to listen to music but I have found that listening to books is much more entertaining and boy does the time fly (not that it doesn't already when I'm torching). She is my current favorite. I'm waiting on some Orson Scott Card too. I listened to Ender's Game a few weeks ago and that is a long series of books. He's a great Sci-Fi writer! However there's a wait list for the second book (Speaker for the Dead) on mp3 from the library.

Hopefully I should have new stuff to show at the end of the week. Stay tuned!

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