Thursday, October 09, 2008

Clay And Woodburning

Ornaments & Woodburning
Ornament Bowls
Jewelry Ideas

So I've completed a couple of ornaments and have also been working on potential jewelry pieces. Polymer clay is truly wonderful! Along with the ornaments have come the tragedy of dropping a couple which produced a new idea for glass bowls. I should have a couple of those up on Etsy in a week or so.

Along with that I have a small collection of these cool wood tea boxes. After sanding off the labels they make an excellent canvas for some wood burning art. The box shown above was my first one and I won't be using food color dye to color again. As you can see it smears/runs when sealed even after it has dried. Oh well, it was a learning experience. I'll have another in the works soon.

Do you like my Friesen inspired pony pendant? The other 3 pendants are coral and a couple of stones accented with polymer clay. Can you tell I'm having a little fun? ;)

I made a couple of glass beads a couple of days ago but my muse for the glass has been missing in action. Hopefully she'll be back next week :D

I have book club tonight. We didn't have one all Summer and yet I still didn't get the book read that I was supposed to (Change Your Brain, Change Your Life), turns out I wasn't the only one, but we're still going to get together just to visit. Very cool! The book it turns out wasn't what my Mom thought it was going to be and it was her choice. She said she didn't finish it because it leads you to believe that you can improve illness, and the like, by changing your eating habits but that most of the book is case studies that they end up treating with medication. I've watched his show on KCTS and if that's the case his show is misleading, to me anyway.

You'll notice some changes to my blog. I'm updating some things and will work toward making myself a bit more prominent on the internet. Stay tuned!

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