Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stormy Season Is Here

It starts with loads and loads of rain then it clears up and the wind BLOWS and it gets down right chilly. You would think that living in the Pacific Northwest, I have no right to complain about rain and I'm not really complaining. Rain in and of itself isn't so bad. In fact a lot of times it's nice, especially when you're looking to stay in and create. But add some wind and the cold. Maybe a power outage or 3 and I've had enough! I start pining for Spring! Luckily for us we live up on a hill so flooding is not an issue unless you count the creek that runs the through the yard and other than giving the kids something to get muddy in there's no threat there at all. So the stormy season is here and it's just time to ride it out.

I actually got to lampwork a little last weekend. I'm also working on several tutorials. The first will be very basic and I'll build from there. This is something I've been talking about doing for a couple of years and now I have no more excuses! If I can publish a couple before the New Year I'll be very happy!! Tutorials are all over the place now! Coming up with something new is the fun part. It has been interesting watching people price them. I was really excited that another lampworker was making a tutorial on one of the floral pieces she does until I saw the price. I do feel that people can price there tut's for what ever they like, but when it's overpriced I think it motivates people to work at "figuring" it out instead of paying for it. I was willing to pay what I thought would be a reasonable price. Needless to say, she's sold very few tutorials in comparison to those that are priced "reasonably". This is, of course, just my opinion and as I've said everyone is free to price their work at whatever they think it's worth. There are tons of fabulous tutorials for great prices out there so look around. These are some of my favorites: has tons and this will be one of my venues for when I'm ready. These are just a few of the artists I would highly recommend for their Tutorials: EarringsByErin, Eni Oken, Cabisuteria, (Christina Amador), Gailavira, Mary Lockwood, and Christi Friesen just to name a few. This is a very small mix of what's out there. So if you're looking for tutorials there's lots out there to choose from and the price range varies greatly.

No pictures today. I need to etch a couple of things and will most likely be lampworking again this weekend. I'm looking to start playing with enamels soon with my glass and am using pixie dust on a regular basis. New stuff coming soon! I should have at least one tutorial done by the end of this month (fingers crossed).

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Have a great day!

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