Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skinned Knee & Dorkism

Ok, you would think that in the 40 odd years I've been around that I have learned to walk well enough without falling down. Apparently not since I took a tumble yesterday and actually skinned one of my knees and a hand. It was right after my littlest got on the bus so, thankfully, he didn't see me. My first thought after OUCH! was, yeah! I didn't rip my jeans. Weird, huh? Then I limped back home to repair the damage. By last night I was wondering how I was going to function. I couldn't believe how much a knee could throb and swell. My daughter gave me a couple of Aleve and I hit the bed at around 7, wondering how I was going to manage my route today........well low and behold, my knee feels MUCH better today. It is still a little sore and I've noticed a couple of other bruises, that I didn't notice yesterday but I'm so glad it seems to have recovered. 20 years ago I would have barely flinched at a skinned knee. Amazing the difference the years can make.

So, since I didn't finish my JustBeads listings yesterday, I added the last few this morning. Sorry about that!

Gotta tell ya about something interesting that happened this morning. Our truck has a digital thermometer in it and when I walked out of the house this morning I noticed that it was shockingly warm and the sky was clear. When I started the truck the gauge read 59 degrees. That was about what I thought. The wind was blowing too and it was a warm wind. We live up on a hill so as I drove into town, which involves going down hill the temp began to drop. By the time I got into town, about 7 minutes later, it was 37 degrees and flashing "ice". It was very bizarre, to say the least, and of course by the time I got back from my route (3-1/2 hours later) it was 34 degrees at home. Just had to mention it. Weird huh? I swear I was awake when this happened :0.

Today I'm going to squeeze in a little more lampwork and finish up my fingerless gloves. They are very basic. The pattern came from Lionbrand. Tons of free knit, crochet and craft patterns (If you're into that). Plus lots of cool ones you can buy and, of course, there's the yarn. Have I told you about my yarn stash.......never mind........I'll save that for another time. So a picture of the gloves tomorrow.

(tah, tah, for now)

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