Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change Is On The Way!!!

Just a quick note today to say how relieved I am that Barack won. I think we have been long past due for a change (at least 8 years worth). But after the fiasco of the last election I was a little worried at what the out come might be. Needless to say it was a wonderful overwhelming response that this country is READY for change! And yes, I did vote.

Moving on to behind the scenes. This week has been crazy and I'm slowly making progress on the jewelry/lampwork front. I'm hoping to get my torch lit up this Friday but that will depend on how the day goes. I'm volunteering for about an hour in the morning for Connor's class while they have an Art Docent come in. She was looking for a couple of extra parents to come in and help with a project they are doing. Sounds like fun, so I'll be there. If I don't get a chance to torch on Friday I'll definitely be squeezing in a weekend session. I have a couple of requests and need to get busy melting glass.

Pictures up above are of sets that will be going up on JustBeads sometime within the next couple of days.

Time to go get dinner started. Have a great evening!

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