Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Route Continues

I'm really enjoying having my boys tag along on the route with me. They only get to "work" on the weekends and only one at a time. I've started rewarding them with an Egg McMuffin. For the moment they think that it's a fair trade. But I'm sure they'll start asking for $$$ soon.

I've decided that I need some fingerless gloves and a hood of some sort for working these routes. I've been looking at some crochet patterns for something quick to "stitch" up. Or maybe even a sewing pattern. It's getting cold enough to where having a little extra help staying warm on the route would be nice. Actual gloves are not an option because of the handling of newspapers. And a hood that will actually stay on my head would be wonderful with all the rain and wind. I think a raincoat would be a little too bulky with getting in and out of the truck.

I'm still lagging in the lampwork department. Every time I make plans to sit at the torch something comes up......but.......tomorrow is looking good for some time. We'll see! I'm really into Goddess's, shells & my Tree Goddess Beads. I also have a couple of ideas for new ones. Of course I always have ideas for something or other. I'm telling ya, I need at least 48 hours everyday!

I wanted to add a couple more people that I love in the pattern department too......Knit Art By Grace, Iza Malczyk & Julida Designs. You'll notice that they are not all jewelry but a variety of patterns that have interested me. I could offer a ton of other artists but I spend far to much time on the net as it is so for now have fun checking these ones out.

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