Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Adjusting To Summer....

Does anyone really think it takes any time to adjust to Summer? I don't really think that way and I ALWAYS look forward to it.

This Summer is a little different than ones of the past in that, I'm trying to build my art base with lampworking and a few other things. Lampwork seems to be my "bread & butter", at the moment. I'm trying to work regularly at it ( least during the week). I'm also trying to keep some "fresh" listings in the mix. I need to add to my glass stock but haven't quite gotten around to sitting down to get an order together.

Morning is usually reserved for lampwork time since it's cool enough to be somewhat comfortable to sit in front of the torch. Afternoons are for the house (work) and then either wirework, polymer or whatever happens to strike my fancy, along with listing things. Sometimes (ok, a lot) I have a hard time trying to decide what to do and waste a lot of time "thinking". I've decided to put an end to this monumental time waster and just pick something up and start working on it. I did that last night and found that it helps a lot and then I feel like I'm getting something done.

The kids seem to be enjoying Summer (don't they all) and I took the 2 youngest boys in to the Dr.'s yesterday for their boosters (and check-ups) before school starts again in the fall. It's closer than you think.
Hope you're all enjoying your day!

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