Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm learning to love.......

My Buddy
New Friends
The Pinata
Packing for home

Camping! We had a blast at the camp-out family reunion. A HUGE Thanks to my in-laws who
loaned us a tent we could stand up in, and a wonderful (queen size) fold out bed and mattress. It made things much more comfortable. We are going to look into investing into one of those solar showers for next year. In fact we are already looking forward to next years reunion. The last night, there are raffle drawings and pinatas for the kids. The site is next to a river for easy cooling off. The kids always make new friends or renew old ones. Best of all, everyone is great to be around!

That was our last big outing before the end of Summer. There might be some small weekend camping trips for Jimmy and the boys but that should do it for anything major.

Soooo, it's back to work. Today won't be much of a creative day since I've been working on unpacking and putting things away but tomorrow will be more back to normal.

It's hard to believe that Summer is half over. This really had been a very nice one even the weather finally got back to a more Summerish feel.

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