Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Lovin The Flowers

Lately that seems to be my thing in the glass world. I need to make some frogs too now and then but just haven't been in the mood for the little guys.

I finished a couple of carved necklaces and have been making aromatherapy earrings. I haven't seen anything like them and think they are too cool!! I'm really enjoying the flower (glass) pendants I've been creating too!

Summer is a bit of a slow time for sales since the weather's nice and I think people are on vacation or staying out of the house and away from their computers as much as possible. I really can't blame them.

With the weather warmer my mind turns to flames and I came up with the "Hearts a flame" aromatherapy vessels. My latest items will be spread out between Ebay, Etsy & Just Beads over the next few days. Check back often.

On another note I have to mention a movie we rented. I was totally sceptical because I'm not a fan of Adam Carolla's (radio) but I have to say that I really enjoyed his movie called "The Hammer". I would recommend it to anyone, it's one of those feel good kind of movies and hilarious. It's not a family movie but how it earned an R rating, other than a couple of swear words, I haven't a clue. So Jimmy wins the bet. He thought I would like it and he was right. He's a big fan of his radio show and likes the fact that he used to be a carpenter, which is reflected in this movie. Just my 2 cents for what ever that's worth.

Enjoy your evening!

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