Friday, July 25, 2008

All I Want To Do Is....

Another Flower Pendant
More Aromatherapy Earrings
Heart O' Flame

Create, creat, create.....It took the whole week to work around to getting back to lampworking. While I would love to continue tomorrow, I have a long standing date with my girlfriend (who's 1-1/2 hrs away) from 3rd grade to get together. This has been a long time in coming and I'm really looking forward to it but sometimes it seems like I should be creating instead, especially after taking such a long hiatus after camping.

Besides lampworking I cleared my old cutting table for Jimmy's shirt. Sewing awakens some old, not so good, feelings in me. That could be the reason that I haven't done it in so long. The last time I sewed was shortly after my divorce (and during). I'm glad I'm divorced, but it just seems to stir up some old sh*t. Once I'm done with the shirt it will all be past me, yeah!!! And I should be able to sew with a clear head again. The fact that this shirt is for my current and past 9 year soul partner will make a huge difference, plus that I'm making it for my brother's wedding will be even better!!!

The clay is calling again! Leaves & petals more then ever. I just need to start making some and incorporating them wherever I can. I haven't touched polymer in months and have been really yearning for it. I still have some silver clay hiding somewear and have some cool ring designs collecting cobwebs in my head.........too many ideas......too little time!!!!

Summer is quickly approaching the end...I know....It's only half over but if you blink the rest will be gone, like that!!!

Enjoy your weekend! The last one for July!

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