Saturday, November 24, 2007

We Spent Thanksgiving Doing......

Home repair. It started with a leak under the kitchen sink and ended up being, that leak, plus one under the house....arrrrrrgh!! Since then I have been without cold water in the kitchen. All of the hardware stores were closed on Thanksgiving and Jimmy had to work yesterday and today too. So we won't be able to complete the repairs until tonight/tomorrow. The biggest issue is that we are in an older mobile home and all the pipes are different from regular houses which makes tracking down the right size a little tougher.

I also got hooked on an older Zelda game (Windwalker). I really don't spend much time playing video games (I'm sure I mentioned that before). It can, literally, eat up hours/days/weeks of time and I really don't need to be doing that right now.

It has been freezing here too which keeps the beasties/kids in doors which can be a little distracting.

The elephant picture at the top is of some polymer beads I made several years ago. I'm still itching to dig into the clay and have lots to work with. The other two glass items are my most recent glass work.

I'm really trying hard to post regularly so check back when you can for updates.

Hope your having a great "leftover" Saturday!

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