Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's So Quiet...

When the other kids are gone. Are you making your last minute prep's for Thanksgiving??

I haven't gotten the pictures of that ring yet but I do have another one almost done so I should have pictures of 2 on Monday. Tomorrow is the bead show with my Mom. It'll be fun!! We always have a good time together........Speaking of my Mom, my hair is almost halfway back. It's been a year since the big head shave and I thought I wouldn't consider doing it again but now that I'm at this point of regrowth I would consider it again for a good cause (like my Mom). You probably want to see a picture so I'll get one up when I can, in a pair of my groovy granny glasses (have I mentioned that I collect grannies, glasses that is).

I got a little lampworking done today & I think I have a new bead. It's along the tassle line of thinking. We'll see what comes out of the kiln tomorrow.

Time to go catch up on my DVR's of The Practice. Enjoy your Saturday!!

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